Yoga, Breath & Movement

Body Based Mindfulness

Movement and Breath Matters  

Experience movement and stillness with body and natural breath awareness.

Breath naturally and learn meditation to create deep resilience of body and mind.

Become confident in your mobility, strength and physical capacity.

Transform and Liberate, Examine and Cultivate

Create wellness with embodied resilience and make deep long-lasting powerful life shifts!

As a healthcare practitioner, why do I place such emphasis on body, breath and movement? I integrate Yoga, natural functional movement, breathwork, deep relaxation and mediation as they are all body-based awareness and mindfulness practices that reach beyond our basic physicality. These practices are integral to our wellness and healthcare as they offer an unparalleled understanding of anatomy, physicality, alignment, functional movement and body-based mindfulness on a deeper level with reflection of self. 

When you join me, you Immerse into breathwork, meditation methods, deep relaxation techniques, and healthy natural movements that offer deep resiliency, sustainable wellness and support life and mindset shifts. I want to share this with you. Join me in exploring yoga, breathwork, deep relaxation, mediation and movement outside in my The Forest Within: Yoga in Nature program.

Let me help you practice with skillful support and innovative methods that work, so you explore these areas with confidence. I offer you not only a yoga background; but also functional natural fitness and movement, years of breathwork and meditation practice and study, Roll Model Method work, deep relaxation methods, focused training as an athlete for bicycling, fencing, and mountain-based trekking. (view my skills here)

In what I offer, I honor the history, root teachings, and examine the wisdom in a way that works for you. We transform and use our practices to liberate; taking it into our life, our family, friends, and community. We can uplift each other’s well-being by how we practice and learn how to be with discomfort, examine and question, and cultivate new patterns through moving and being still.

I am deeply grateful to the High Desert Yoga studio, teachers, and community where since 2003, I have guided classes and received teacher training instruction. I’m honored to have studied with yoga based teachers like Supriti Kotler, Kim Schwartz, Zoreh Asfarzadeh, Collette Crawford, and Angela Farmer, Josh Summers along with others. In breathwork, meditation, and relaxation methods, I am grateful to learn from Mark Coleman, Pema Chodron, Richard Miller, Vipassana Meditation, Kim Schwartz, and others as teachers.

I offer group, digital and personalized options in:

To support you in self-practice, I created and developed digital programs and classes in:  Deep Relaxation Yoga Nidra, Breathwork, and Meditation for Everyone and Yin Yoga: Unwind with Slow Holds. As a wellness program, I created:  Simply Transformational Breathwork Program to help you breathe naturally and powerfully. We can also work together and create a personalized program for you via Coaching.  Check them out!

Coming in 2021:

Yoga and Walking workshop, Yoga in Nature, Nature Spot Workshop, Get Wild with Nature Meditation events!

Breath & Energy · Power & Mobility · Undoing & Unwinding ·
Released & Focused · Fluid & Flowing · Stable & Rooted

“Heather made the practice of yoga approachable in spite of my limited flexibility and body awareness. Her love, caring and attention were instrumental in my journey making yoga a part of my daily life, for which I am indebted.”


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