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“Heather’s dedication to yoga practices
is a testament to her profound appreciation
to the connection between mind and body, spirit and soul.”

Create wellness with embodied resilience while making long-lasting, powerful life shifts.

Through practicing body and breath-based awareness, we can transform, liberate ourselves, and impact our communities.

After several decades of practicing, teaching, and sharing body-based practices, I have moved into offering the practices that have had the most profound impact on my life and others that I have practiced with. I focus on Yoga Nidra, Breathwork and Meditative practices, and Restorative and Rejuvenating practices such as Yin style Yoga. I’ve discovered that they have the capacity to create deep change in the body and self. Along with these replenishing practices, I enjoy sharing embodied natural and functional movements that are rooted in our own unique alignment, stability, and mobility.

“Heather was my first yoga teacher.
Her passion and compassion are cornerstones to her instruction for students of all abilities.

As a healthcare practitioner, why do I place such emphasis on body, breath, and movement?

I discovered that many health issues are improved or solved with movement and breath. Movement and Stillness are genuinely their own form of medicine. Yoga, natural movement, breathwork, deep relaxation, and meditation are all practices that reach beyond our basic physicality. These practices are integral to our wellness and healthcare. They offer an unparalleled understanding of anatomy, physicality, alignment, movement, and body-based awareness on a deeper level with reflection of self. 

Experience deep resilience of body and mind.

When you immerse into focused breathwork, meditation methods, deep relaxation techniques, and healthy natural (somatic) movements, deep resiliency and wellness develop, creating exceptional life and mindset shifts. I want to share this with you.

I have spent years developing ways to work with the breath related to supporting wellness, rejuvenation, and more. Also, I delved into this as breath is universal, something we all can access in ways that work for each individual. We use the natural resource of our own body and can practice anywhere.

I want to guide you in trusting in your body’s knowingness.

Let me help you practice with skillful support and innovative methods that work so you explore these areas with confidence. I offer you not only long-standing deep relaxation and yoga background but years of breathwork and embodied meditation practice and study as well as functional natural (and somatic) movement. (view my skills and background here)

Become confident in your mobility and physical capacity.

Even though I have adapted, transformed, and personalized practice, I honor the history and root teachings in what I offer. I examine wisdom in a way that works for you. We transform and use our practices to liberate, taking it into our lives, family, friends, and community.

We can uplift each other’s well-being by how we practice.
Also, we learn how to be with discomfort, examine, and question.
We cultivate new patterns through moving and being still.

I specialize in helping you benefit from movement and stillness practices when you are struggling with creating time, integrating practices into your days in ways that work for you, or if you are not sure where to begin. I create innovative programs that are adaptive and weave in supportive tools so that practicing becomes simple.

“She exhibits a unique ability to embrace surroundings,
incorporate her years of yoga, breathwork and meditation study,
as well as objectives of each participant to provide a healing and educational experience.”

Teachers and Lineage:
It is important for you to know that I guide yoga holistically and strive to be socially responsible sharing the root teaching and limbs of yoga in a way that is also sensitive to your practice needs. I’m honored to have studied with Collette Crawford, Angela Farmer, Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, Amber Karnes, and Judith Lasater. I’ve learned from and been inspired by the works of Rama Jyoti Vernon, Shiva Rea, T Krishnamacharya, Sarah Powers, and Josh Summers, along with others.

Also, I am deeply grateful to the High Desert Yoga studio, teachers, and community, where beginning in 2003, I guided classes and received teacher training instruction. I will forever be grateful to High Desert Yoga teachers Supriti Kotler, Kim Schwartz, Zoreh Asfarzadeh, and Patti Lentz for their guidance and uplifting support.

Breathwork, meditation, and relaxation methods
I am grateful to learn from Mark Coleman, Pema Chodron, Richard Miller, Vipassana Meditation, Kim Schwartz, and others. Embodied, Practical, and Somatic.

Natural, Somatic and Functional Movement
I am thankful to learn from Katy Bowman, Jill Miller, MovNat, Daryl Edwards, and others.

I believe in taking movement, breath, and body beyond four walls into the environment where we live and into nature.

So, I invite you to join me in exploring yoga, breathwork, deep relaxation, meditation, and movement rooted in breath, body, and soul.

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Embodied Movement and Stillness 

“Heather made the practice of yoga approachable in spite of my limited flexibility and body awareness. Her love, caring and attention were instrumental in my journey making yoga a part of my daily life, for which I am indebted.”

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