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Simple, Comprehensive, Transformational

I offer you personalized comprehensive healthcare, wellness, and wilderness programs coupled with transformational coaching to support you in long-lasting changes. I skillfully guide you with simple tools, evidence-based methods, and practices to create resilience in body and mind. I am guided by my personal and professional philosophy that everything we do in our life matters and impacts our wellness.

I created a simple yet comprehensive system consisting of my Seven Pillars of Health and Wellness that are foundational to creating an exceptional life, thriving resilience, and optimal-for-you wellness.

  • Resilient Wellness and Health
  • Mindset, Soul & Envisioned Life
  • Breath, Stillness and Relaxation
  • Experience Nature and Wilderness
  • Embodied Movement and Activity
  • Creative Expression
  • Community and Connection

We’ve all read about how all parts of a plant or herb work together –It’s a synergistic effect. We often find that when we extract the “magical” part of the herb to make it more potent, it doesn’t always work as well. That’s because it needed the other parts to produce a stronger influence and positive result. The whole is stronger than when it stands alone. That is how I work with health and wellness: offering simple yet comprehensive solutions that work best together! What happens next is up to you.

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You can talk to us directly (DM) at @drheatherleefarrell on Instagram, and this FaceBook profile.
You can also text directly to (833) 796-0690 anytime!


Forest Bathing: Wellness & Nature

Rejuvenate with nature.


In-Person Events & Retreats

Grow with in-person support.


Free Range Human Adventures

Love the Land and Adventure!


Healthcare, Nutrition & Wellness

Get the results you want.


Yoga, Breath, and Movement

Movement & Stillness, Focus & Flow.


Creative Healing Works

Our lives are a work of art