Programs & Offerings

Work with Heather

I’m here to offer powerful support to help you
feel amazing and create optimal wellness.

I offer comprehensive healthcare options in a variety of modalities coupled with transformational coaching to support you in long-lasting wellness and life changes. I skillfully guide you with tools, methods, and practices to create resilience in body and mind to further support impactful shifts.

As part of my belief that everything matters in wellness, I melded together skills and experience in Healthcare & Nutrition, Wellness & Life Coaching, Forest Bathing & Outdoors, Movement & Fitness, Lifestyle Wellness, Yoga, Breathwork & Meditation to create unique wellness programs to guide you in thriving!  I invite you to join me and work together in creating a resilient vibrant exceptional life! Read more about me here.


Forest Bathing: Wellness In Nature

Rejuvenate with nature.


Events & Retreats

Grow with in-person support.


Free Range Human Adventures

Love the Land and Adventure!


Healthcare & Wellness

Get the support you need for the results you want.


Yoga, Breath, and Movement

Movement & Stillness, Focus & Flow.