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Work with Heather

Simple, Comprehensive, Transformational

I offer you personalized comprehensive healthcare, wellness, and wilderness programs coupled with transformational coaching to support you in long-lasting changes. I skillfully guide you with simple tools, evidence-based methods, and practices to create resilience in body and mind. 

I diligently craft all healthcare, wellness, and nature-based programs to over-deliver in value. To provide exceptional outcomes, limited spaces are available for working together individually. I confidently design all self-paced programs to provide solutions and a step-by-step process that can be individualized to meet your needs completely. Specially curated events, group retreats, and excursions are offered yearly that deeply boost your wellness with in-person support!

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Forest Bathing: Wellness & Nature

Rejuvenate with nature.


In-Person Events & Retreats

Grow with in-person support.


Free Range Human Adventures

Love the Land and Adventure!


Healthcare, Nutrition & Wellness

Get the results you want.


Yoga, Breath, and Movement

Movement & Stillness, Focus & Flow.


Creative Healing Works

Our lives are a work of art