Dr. Heather Lee Farrell

Transformational Healthcare

Create optimal outcomes for an exceptional life

I work with individuals around the world creating exceptional wellness while building resilience of body and mind

My Education, Knowledge Areas, and Skills: 

Healthcare Focus Areas

  • Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Ayurveda and Acupuncture:  Chinese Herbalism, Oriental Medicine, Ayurvedic practices and various acupuncture methods.
    Focus Areas: acupressure, cupping, Gua sha, ear acupuncture, Electro-acupuncture, osteo-manipulation, qigong, Feng shui, breath work, Shiatsu, Tuina, Ayurvedic Herbalism.
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  • Functional Medicine Practitioner:  A whole system biology-based approach to determine the root cause of disease and health issues using laboratory testing, modern and traditional methods. (The best of both worlds!)
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  • Nutrition and Food Medicines:  Foods and nutrition protocols for specific health and wellness needs or desires.
    Focus Areas: Food as Medicine (Culinary Medicine) and Meal Planning. Fasting Protocols, Body(circadian)-Rhythm Eating, and Cleansing protocols. Smoothies and Wellness Tea concoctions. Optimal body weight: loss and gain. Nutritional lab testing, Nutritional Therapy, and Coaching.. Learn More
  • Facial and Skin-System Wellness: For body, facial and skin trauma, scar tissue care, optimal aging & longevity, and rejuvenation.
    Focus Areas: Medical Microneedling (Collagen Induction Therapy) certification and training. Gua Sha and cupping, Professional level Microcurrent certification. Facial acupuncture and acupressure methods. Essential oils for skin care. Facial massage techniques. Facial Yoga and Exercise education (The Face Yoga Method, Happy Face Yoga, The Face Gym, Face Works)
    Learn more about how Medical Microneedling paired with Microcurrent and Acupuncture is an optimal treatment.
  • Nutraceuticals, Supplements, and Laboratory Testing:  Optimal-for-you health, nutrition, and wellness focused testing via a local to you laboratory or home-based testing.
    Focus Areas: Personalized Supplement & Nutraceutical programs, Green and Nutraceutical Powders and concoctions

Lifestyle Medicine & Wellness

  • Sleep Health & Wellness, Drug-free Pain and Discomfort Management, Home Wellness, Essential Oils, Botanical and Herbal Medicine
    Extra Specialized: Light, Frequency and Bio-Magnetic Therapies (PEMF, Full-spectrum Infrared, Frequency-based light therapies), Cold thermogenesis, pulse oximetry, nootropics, heat training, adaptogens, heart rate variability, Creating Resilience through Wellness. Performance and Biohacking methods. Longevity and Optimal Aging.

Wellness & Heath and Life Coaching

  • Life, Thoughts, and Perspective coaching, Health & Wellness Coaching, Nutrition Therapy Coaching
  • Special Programs and Focus areas : Challenge & Transition, Creating Supportive Habits, Crafting and Designing your Envisioned Life, Health & Wellness

Breath and Body: Breathwork, Stillness, Emobodied Movement, Yoga, and Deep Relaxation

Breathwork, Stillness and Deep Relaxation
  • Breathwork: Breathwork with Meditation: Embodied and Somatic, breath awareness, breathing for performance, breathing for calm & relaxation, breathwork for wellness
  • Meditation: Wellness-focused meditation, Vipassana Meditation, Somatic, and Embodied practices, stillness while moving
  • Deep Relaxation Techniques: Therapeutic restorative practice, iREST, Yoga Nidra, Deep Relaxation Yoga Nidra, Somatic and Embodied practices
Yoga and Movement
  • Yoga:  All forms of yoga that I guide are Trauma-informed, Somatic, and Embodied. E-RYT 500 hr. teacher with more than 25-years of experience
    Focus Areas: General Hatha yoga, Deep Relaxation Yoga Nidra, Yin Yoga,   Prenatal and Postnatal, Sun Salutations, 5 Tibetan Rites, Yoga for Athletes, yoga in nature, Accessible Yoga Ambassador, community-based yoga programs
  • Embodied Movement & Fitness:  I use an innovative approach combining modalities resulting in effective, accessible programs.
    Focus Areas: Natural and Embodied movement, Somatic Movement, Functional fitness and training, Myofascial techniques via The Roll Model Method, Optimal Body Capacity (weight loss or weight gain).

Nature & Wilderness

  • Forest Bathing: Forest & Nature Therapy, Outdoor activities, immersion, and Wilderness guiding, with a Wellness Lens, Walking and Trekking, Wellness and Mindset Coaching for outdoor activities and adventure, Meditation in Nature, Free Range Human Adventures(founder)
    Focus Areas: Walking into Wild (Wilderness Excursions), Still in Wild (Nature Meditation), Waking up to Wild (Forest Bathing hiking events), The Forest Within: Nature Based Deep Relaxation sessions, Audio guided DIY Forest Bathing sessions.

Creative Works