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Transform Your Life with Confidence and Courage

The What and Why about Free Range Human Adventures

It took me a while to uncover my magic in the area of wilderness work. I know that sounds, well..almost prideful-but I’m serious: we all have a special passion or what I call-“magic”! I guided my first group of backpackers almost 20 years ago. Then, spent many years focused on personal excursions; some long and some short.

Over and Over again, I encountered people loving nature, loving hiking, and being in the wilderness; but held back by their own fears.

I almost cannot count how many times, I encountered the phrase “ I could never do that” or “ I don’t know where to begin”.  After a while, I noticed that most of the people sayings this were women. Strong, capable, energetic, compassionate, wilderness loving women.

Yet, here I am, a woman.  I also began to notice the desire to be out there and believe in themselves. The desire to confidently trek onward trusting in their skills. The desire to go beyond getting there to just being there.

I lead and guide you in building confidence in your capacity and becoming brave.

pathway in the mountains

It was not until my most recent trek along the Continental Divide Trail route that I put it all together. It just clicked with ideas flowing as I was walking along that high mountain route. I was walking along with great physical effort and challenge, I might add. I loved it: If I am going to feel incredibly physically taxed, why not above 11,000 feet with wondrous views in all directions?!

On my first day heading out, I encountered a group of women. At first, we walked together for a bit. Then, I trekked onward and they turned back; headed to their next stop. Each was a seasoned hiker and nature walker; no stranger to mountains. Yet, they shared how fearful they felt about heading out into the wilderness on their own or backpacking.

I shared with them that it was their thoughts and fears that held them back; not their skills or capacity. Yes, their mindset. Their skills and capacity can be practiced and honed; that’s the easy part.

Mindset and belief systems are what keeps them in place. I know they can liberate themselves.

pathway in the mountains where you can Transform Your Life

As I ventured onward, I pondered this mostly thought-based obstacle that exists for so many women. Years ago, when I guided a women’s only backpacking trip I listened to that talk and I’m still hearing it now.

I was that way myself, so I know that it is a state of mind and we can shift it. I worked hard at building courage and choosing not to be afraid after I experienced an attempted murder attack many years ago. (Yes, that is another story!) I was afraid to go outside alone especially in the dark. Somehow after that experience, I managed to combine two common fears: being outside alone and being in the dark alone! With diligent effort, support, mindset work, and self-coaching, I let it be and moved onward. Now, here I am: skillfully and confidently heading out into higher mountain wilderness on solo thru-hikes and shorter group treks.

When I am out in nature, ideas flow so easily. Especially when walking.
Even at home, I often walk while working or contemplating ideas.

Walking especially walking and trekking in wilderness and nature is one of the healthiest physical activities that you can do. Walking can help you create space in your life, especially headspace. Clarity, ideas, and aspirations flow while walking along. I focus on helping you walk through your challenges and into your envisioned life. (Watch out for an article on walking and suggestions later!)

Large rock in aspen forest

Here I am, shifting just a bit. I’m at home now; post-ponder and post-trek. I remastered some programs to align them more closely with what I believe and how I want to show up. I want to help you be brave, build confidence, trust in your body’s capacity, and trust in your existing skills. Know that you can work on your capacity, skills, and mindset in practical ways. You will be amazed at the outcomes you create!

I am focused on working with women in the wilderness. Supporting women in becoming bold while safely and skillfully navigating desired wilderness excursions.

I will take you from exactly where you are to unleashing your confidence in the wilderness, trekking, and backpacking.

We make this transformation from abundance, not scarcity; knowing that where you are now is valuable AND you can also make any spectacular shifts you want.

When we create change with a growth mindset–it sticks!

I am committed and guide you on how to go beyond. Go beyond just ‘getting there. Go beyond just focusing on external measurements or aspects of wilderness fitness like distance, time, elevation gained, and peaks bagged. To being there fully.

Transform your life into brilliantly achieving your most desired outcome and objective but do it with heart. Doing it with a deep connection to nature and immersion in your senses. You will be surprised how easily you “get there” and stay there.

Then, I teach you how to simply be there without fear. To challenge yourself and often arrive more energized than you would if you focused solely on time, effort, or distance. I want to guide you in loving being in wilderness, nature, and mountains not for what you gain or achieve; but to love it just for what it is.

woman hiking at the Large rock in aspen forest sharing Transform Your Life

You will be inspired by the extraordinary things you can do.

Then, at some point, you will accept that’s who you are. Someone who does brave and exceptional things in nature and wilderness!

I practice this on a personal level every time I am outdoors no matter what the environment. It’s second nature to me now.

I have honed these skills, crafted these methods, and designed these programs over many years. I want to do this with you. Not only do we work on a multitude of practical skills and physical capacity; but we develop our mindset.  We deepen our sensory experiences while in wilderness, so we are not just passing through or over; we are within the wilderness.

Be Brave, Build Confidence to Transform Your Life
woman hiking and arrived at the high point of the colorado trail inspiring to Transform Your Life

I guide you in learning how to use multi-day wilderness excursions for life transitions and transformation. We delve into practices that help you create your purpose. Design your envisioned life while you trek along. You will find that your mind transforms when you are in nature. Walking in the wild can create some of the most transformative experiences possible.

I have spent months in the wilderness and know the growth and incredible value that nature offers. Let me help you develop confidence, be brave, and craft your capacity to do what you love in the wilderness!

Why choose trekking and wilderness excursions with me?

I offer you adventure-rich trekking excursions and backpacking immersions in awe-inspiring mountainous areas with an extra-special dash of wellness, forest bathing-on-the-go, and transformyour-life focuses.

  • Become confident in yourself and your capacity in the wilderness.
  • Develop practical skills and gain experience using the skills.
  • Practice objectively scanning your body while physically active. Notice and be aware of sensations. Clearly understand when to pay attention and when to simply notice. Mostly, our thoughts about discomfort or fear that hold us back. Any type of wilderness excursion has some level of physical effort and that is okay. I help you know that you can do challenging things while feeling okay and enjoying it.
  • Decide between gear options and outdoor methods. I will share my personal methods, tips, and choices. I also share other methods and options. Then, you determine what works for you.
  • Learn how to plan before and during excursions. Then, learn how to evaluate and refine afterward. Get access to my templates for planning and refining.
  • We practice sensory experiences crafted from Forest Bathing remastered for the wilderness. This helps you be more aware while in wilderness, noticing more and immersing in nature.
  • I teach you how to integrate tech it into your trips without it taking over, but yet benefit. I share tech that I recommend for high-end outdoor use and why.
  • Is your focus is on developing physical capacity or losing weight/shifting body constitution? Learn how to do this. Backpacking and trekking are incredibly effective methods for this! After our trip, I help you follow through and continue this shift.
  • I show you how to add in recovery and simple self-care before, during, and after your trips.
  • We integrate simple wellness practices into our trips that help us feel great.
  • During our group excursions, we practice trekking solo, setting up camp, and our shelter. You will do this on your own in a way that feels safe yet challenges you. You will still be connected to the group as a whole and I will be there the entire time. We do this in the middle of our trip so that you have time to become more confident, ask questions, and then integrate what you have learned.
  • I share my personal on trail practices including How I start my day, how I integrate breathwork and gratitude practices as I walk along, How I am able to walk all day and feel good, and more!
a view in the forest with the lake

Examples of Practical skills: 
Water purification tech and methods. Sleeping systems. Shelter Systems.  Clothing systems, Food preparation, and Wilderness Nutrition: stoveless and with a stove. (I make all my own foods and concoctions!)  Ultralight and lightweight gear options. How to put together your own first aid kit, foot care kit, gear repair kit. Which backpack works for you? Navigation and map skills. Helpful knots to know.  Extras and your luxury items. How to streamline I go through your backpack and offer suggestions and alternatives—this is worth the cost of the trip!!!)

Want to work from a home base?
We can work together before a wilderness excursion or create our own program that links learning sessions with outdoor excursions so that you can stay at home while you develop your magical confident capacity!
I can refer you to treks, Guides, and excursions in your area.

Do you like sleeping inside instead of outside?
In addition, I offer worldwide retreats in wondrous locations that integrate wellness, yoga, breathwork & movement, nature excursions, restoration, and relaxation. Join me!

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