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Whether it be related to adjustments in nutrition or healing tools she has recommended, I have benefited from her broad knowledge base and experience.”

“My experience with Heather has been very positive. She is a true caregiver with amazing intuition and a creative approach to wellness. She listens with an open mind and creates a nurturing, supportive environment in which her patients and clients can flourish on their path to better health and balance. As an athlete, I have always found it challenging to balance my training, work, and personal relationships with time for myself. Not only has Heather helped me work through some difficult injuries and physical pain, she has given me tools to improve my own self-care on many levels. I highly recommend working with Heather!” 


“Heather is the walking manifestation of health and wellness, which if you know her and the many health obstacles she has so graciously journeyed through, speaks volumes about her commitment to the body and abilities to heal!”


“Heather’s forest bathing (shinrin yoku) session was calming and rejuvenating.  I already do a lot of hiking on my own, but having her guide us through a walking meditation of sorts helped us focus on the different elements which regulate our well-being.  Heather is a kind, serene, gentle soul.”


“Heather was my first yoga teacher. Her passion and compassion are cornerstones to her instruction for students of all abilities. Heather made the practice of yoga approachable in spite of my limited flexibility and body awareness. Her love, caring and attention were instrumental in my journey making yoga a part of my daily life, for which I am indebted.”


“Dr. Farrell really helped the healing process with four cancer surgeries I had this year. The first was the biggest and involved the removal of a 3.2cm x .25cm cancer from the top of my scalp. The processes involved a 4 inch in diameter removal of both epidemical and dermal tissue. Several weeks after the surgery, a 3.5 by 4.5 piece of skin was removed from my thigh to cover the surgical area on my scalp – a skin patch. In both cases, the nursing staff suggested that I use Vaseline to keep the healing areas moist. I told them that I was going to use a mixture of salve that was suggested by a Doctor of Oriental Medicine. They were concerned, but did not try to talk me out of it. 

As the weeks and months passed, I had several follow-up visits with both the Surgeon and the Dermatologist. With each visit, they were both surprised with the speed of recovery – very unusually fast. They knew that I was using Dr. Farrell’s (goop) and both asked for the formula  and said that they would propose using it with select patients. 

Later in the year I had three separate Basil Cell surgeries – one on my right cheek, one on my left temple and on my left jaw. In each case, the Physicians involved were surprised at the fast recovery of each of the incisions. In each case, I was advised to use Vaseline to keep the incisions moist and again, in each case I used Dr. Farrell’s goop. Several of the nurses asked for the formula of the goop.

There are several other areas in my life where Dr. Farrell has made nutrition and health suggestion that have helped me in the healing process. I have complete confidence in Dr. Farrell’s ability to diagnose problems and recommend successful solutions.


“I have grown up in the mountains but stepping into the forest with Heather for her Forest Bathing session made it a brand new experience.  Her ability to slow down the experience and direct with various prompts made all my senses heighten and allowed me to connect with my surroundings in a new way.  In doing so, I was able to center myself in a way that allowed for introspection and a deep sense of peace.”


“I have crossed paths with Heather in various capacities and am always blessed by her knowledge in health. She has been able to listen to what is going on and offer advice in a thoughtful and integrative way. She has seen and drawn out strength and assets I have to offer that I have not been aware of and then gently offer subtle changes that in turn lead to dramatic benefits. Whether it be related to adjustments in nutrition or movement patterns or healing tools she has recommended, I have benefited from her broad knowledge base and experience.”


I have known Heather over the past years in a variety of settings. I had an amazing opportunity to participate in one of her retreats in the Gila. She exhibits a unique ability to embrace the surroundings of nature, incorporate her years of yoga and meditation study, as well program objective of each participant to provide a healing and educational experience. I found Heather’s weekly restorative program to almost magically boost my recovery from tireless miles of cycling and full-time work as an RN in the community. As a professional in a western world, Heather integrates/balances my background with her years of training and studies. Heather is a healer, a teacher, and a resilient woman who possesses a love for her community, her natural surroundings, and everyone she encounters. 


I attended a retreat with Heather while taking her Yoga for Athletes class.  She is an incredible teacher and coach–so gentle, calming, empowering, and thoughtful.  I always left class feeling very centered, and the relaxation and sense of peace I experienced from the retreat was that feeling multiplied.  I look forward to attending one of her expanded retreat offerings in the future!


Last year, I had my first experience of “forest bathing.” I had heard that doctors in Japan were actually prescribing time in the forests for various ailments that their patients were suffering, and I was curious to be guided in the process. Heather took great care to center us as a group before we set out and was detailed in informing us what we could expect.

As a type-A personality, slowing down in any way, is healthful for my nervous system, and this guided process was an invitation to really decelerate, perhaps pausing to a stop and “Be” in the moment with the matrix of the forest. As different vistas and elevations of the path were traversed, it was like discovering rooms behind gauzy curtains, or veils, as the forest opened up more and more, yet became more intimate as well. Walking barefoot, feeling the earth and detritus under our soft shoe souls, learning to step softly and yield was a good feeling; sitting on my haunches and exploring my most immediate surroundings was again, an exercise in noticing and just seeing without judgment.

After feeding our eyes, ears, body to the splendor of the forest, Heather treated us to a delectable cup of tea, made from pine needles and a delicate snack. As we had been led in a quiet, stabilizing sound of Heather’s voiced instructions, every sip and bite were amplified. The time was paradoxically long but the evening went quickly. The time spent felt both enriching and simplifying to my mind and spirit.


“Heather’s dedication to her yoga practice is a testament to her profound appreciation of the connection between mind and body, spirit, and soul. Her classes focus on attunement to the body and personal growth for all individuals regardless of where they are in their practice.”


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