Dr. Heather Lee Farrell

Transformational Healthcare

Create optimal outcomes for an exceptional life

I believe that everything in our life matters and impacts our health. How we live is our practice. Why, wouldn’t it be?

Why is my Healthcare & Wellness Approach Unique?

I believe everything we do matters in our health and wellness. Not only am I a healthcare practitioner, but I also skillfully and extensively widened my scope of practice.

I embarked upon this because one size fits all method does not work. Yet, there are foundational principles that universally create wellness and health.

I purposefully approach healthcare and wellness by melding together a wide range of skills in healthcare, lifestyle wellness, creative works, movement & stillness, and nature-based work.

Thus, I practice healthcare through a focused integrative lens weaving lifestyle wellness modalities throughout. This allows me to offer personalized healthcare and wellness with transformational coaching that creates the outcomes you want.

I like to think of myself as a health and wellness strategist as I use methods and interventions that address the deepest level of bodily function. That way, we impact ourselves holistically while working on specific needs and issues.

Even after more than 20 years of practice, one of the foremost principles that drives my work involves blending methods from different healthcare and wellness systems with a conscious-based approach.

This integrative broad-spectrum approach gives the most optimal outcome because one thing does not lead to the next, it leads to everything.

Look Ahead to Elevated Health!

I believe that now is the time to change how we work in healthcare. I had originally pondered the idea of heading into a more conventional path to becoming a healthcare practitioner as it is the most direct route to providing health and wellness care.

Finally, I realized that I could invest in a variety of high-quality programs and education and create exactly the outcome I was looking for: A wide perspective. I knew it would take me longer, cost more, require periods of learning while working, and be an unusual method. But the work was worth it. I am invested in sharing this innovative and adaptive approach with as many people as possible.

I’m here to share a better way.

I know firsthand that the most powerful health changes happen during our everyday lives. Day in and day out, week in and week out, month after month, year after year.

During a recent 7-year period of accident recovery, surgeries, and medical care, I used this health and wellness approach and many methods to produce rock-solid recovery for myself. I share this so that you know not only am I devoted to this professionally, but I also have direct experience in my own life producing remarkable outcomes.

How we live is our practice.
That is why we have the full lives we do.
Yet, fitting the pieces together can be complicated, overwhelming, and exhausting.
It is a day-to-day process that thrives with simplicity, clarity, and skillful self-guidance.
Everything we do in our lives matters and impacts our wellness.

Dr. Heather Lee Farrell

I created a simple yet comprehensive system consisting of my Seven Pillars of Health and Wellness that are foundational to creating an exceptional life, thriving resilience, and optimal-for-you wellness.

  • Resilient Wellness and Health
  • Envisioned Life, Ways of Thinking
  • Breath, Stillness and Relaxation
  • Experience Nature and Wilderness
  • Embodied Movement and Activity
  • Creative Expression & Soul
  • Connection & Community

We’ve all read about how all parts of a plant or herb work together –It’s a synergistic effect. We often find that when we extract the “magical” part of the herb to make it more potent, it doesn’t always work as well. That’s because it needed the other parts to produce a stronger influence and positive result. The whole is stronger than when it stands alone. Our health, wellness and life are like that, too.