7 Secrets to a Thriving Life

Seven Steps to a more vibrant, energized & replenished YOU!

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Simple Changes. Immediate Benefits. Lasting Results.
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  • Create a way forward that works for you longterm

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“I have crossed paths with Heather in various capacities and am always blessed by her knowledge in health. Whether it be related to adjustments in nutrition or healing tools she has recommended, I have benefited from her broad knowledge base and experience.”

“She has seen and drawn-out strength and assets that lead to dramatic benefits”

Her caring and attention were instrumental in my journey making it a part of my daily life, for which I am indebted.

A bit about Dr. Heather Lee Farrell

I’m here to offer you powerful support and guidance to create an exceptional life rooted in purpose, resilient health, and abundant wellness.

I purposefully approach healthcare and wellness by melding together a wide range of skills in healthcare, lifestyle wellness, creative works, movement & stillness, and nature-based work.

I believe that everything in our life matters and impacts our health. Thus, I created a simple yet comprehensive system consisting of my Six Pillars of Health, Wellness, and Life that are foundational to creating an exceptional life, thriving resilience, and optimal-for-you wellness.

“Not only has Heather helped me work through some difficult injuries and physical pain, she has given me tools to improve my own health and self-care on many levels. I highly recommend working with her!”

“Her programs focus on attunement to the body and personal growth for all individuals regardless of where they are in their practices.”

“I found Heather’s restorative programs to almost magically boost my recovery”

Simple changes. Lasting results.
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7 Secrets to a Thriving Life

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