Transformational Wellness Retreats

Revitalize & Rejuvenate

Transformational Wellness
Embodied Nourishing Resilience

Invest in yourself with the deeply transformational gift of a wellness-focused retreat. Going on a retreat offers the opportunity for immersion in a nourishing amazing environment removed from your everyday life.

Retreats create long lasting benefits and support you in creating meaningful life shifts

Experience movement and also stillness. We do this through a personalized approach offering yoga, breathwork, deep relaxation, movement, Forest Bathing, embodied meditation, walking or hiking, and much more…

All retreats offer impactful and rejuvenating connections with nature in a way that works for you

Enjoy being in a wondrous location and renewing with nature. Take care while being free of distractions, eating nourishing foods, revitalizing with restful sleep, and energizing with yoga, breathwork, and movement.

Experience deeply restorative sleep and relaxation.

Each day we eat healthy food, practice breathwork, natural somatic movement, deep relaxation, and yoga. Enjoy outdoor excursions, Nature Meditation, Wellness Hiking, Forest Bathing sessions, and even sightseeing.  Always to our relaxing base location. These are amazing and unique retreat experiences you won’t want to miss!

I had an amazing opportunity to participate in one of her retreats in the Gila. She exhibits a unique ability to embrace the surroundings of nature, incorporate her years of yoga and meditation study, as well program objective of each participant to provide a healing and educational experience. ” 


Costa Rica
Costa Rica

Upcoming Retreats

Costa Rica, January 22-28, 2023

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