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I am speaking to you right where you are

What happens next in your life is up to you. You can redefine yourself and your world or change it completely. Design your Life by defining what matters most and clarifying shifts in a way works for you.  Your mindset matters. When you change your mind, you transform your life.

Know it's natural and okay to feel fear, stress, overwhelm, or anxious.  Uncertainty in life occurs over and over. Life gives us circumstances that offer contrast, challenges, and obstacles—good and bad. It’s not easy and never will be.

Challenging times, when we feel afraid are times to create courage
It is time to be brave enough and not let fear stop you.

 I am here to help you: To learn how to feel afraid, anxious, or stressed without quitting or fixating on negative thoughts. To build resilience. To guide you in building resourcefulness while creating new ways. To know that you can do this anyway. No matter what.

Times of challenge and transition are opportunities to reevaluate.  In doing this, we become cognizant of what we were unaware of before. Then, we leave limiting beliefs behind and make choices aligned with what matters to us. We can develop an empowering framework for proactively creating an extraordinary life even when faced with obstacles. You can create the capacity to overcome obstacles, build confidence by investing in your mindset.

Use effective methods to create incredible results and positive outcomes despite circumstances.

Resilient You is my keystone program that not only coaches and guides you; but integrates vital lifestyle, wellness, and health methods. We do this together with confidence and compassion. One thing does not lead to another, it leads to everything.

  • I am NOT here to tell you what to do, I'm here with you.
  • I am NOT here to tell you I've done the work, but work with you.
  • I am NOT on the other side telling it's better over here, I am with you where you are, right now.
  • I am here to guide me and help you guide yourself—side by side.  
  • I am to help you as we help each other.
  • I am here to offer valuable collaboration for your meaningful shifts.
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Over the years, I investigated and studied coaching methods, the most effective behavioral change methods and habit creating ways. In doing this, I developed skills, experience and reaped the outcomes because I did the work. I want to guide you on how to do this.  And continue to do it with you. Now, through this easy to access program, you have an innovative guide and tools to help yourself in unlimited ways with long lasting outcomes.

I have solutions that work;
but they need you to do it as you are the
biggest part of your solution process. 

I am confident you will benefit from Resilient You, I am ALL IN.  This will change your life, but you have to be all in. You are your own change agent.

Personally, I have been rebuilding my life in all areas since moving through years of full-time recovery from a traumatic injury. What I went through, am doing now, and offering you is relevant because all we do matters.  I have put this work to use for myself while rebuilding all life areas. Others have beta-tested it. Now, it is ready for you! I am here to support and work with you in doing the same deep incredible work. My life is my practice.

Our purpose, strength and capacity matter now more than ever. Now more than ever—all that we do matters.

Sometimes, the shifts we make are small and sometimes the shifts we make are immense. It varies for everyone; neither is better than the other. How we meet circumstances and what we do is what matters. What you think, feel and do is always up to you. Even in the face of serious obstacles

According to the philosopher, Epictetus, there are always two handles of every event,
one by which it can be carried and one by which it can’t.

Which handle you grab, is up to you. How you help yourself and others is up to you. What you choose to focus on is up to you. Even during rough and challenging times. This program helps you navigate and create your envisioned life through sustainable ways you can use over and over.

I support you in all of those paths as I walk them myself.

Now can be a time for deep reflective questioning, reprioritizing, reharmonizing areas of life and focus:

  • What step that you thought you couldn’t take before will you take now?
  • What matters most to you right now? 
  • How can you create a more meaningful life while also co-creating the world you want to live in?

We will ask questions and go deeper with each question to uncover what really matters to you. Then, work through and create answers and actions with Resilient You. Together.

Even though mindset is a focus of the program, we use healthcare, wellness, and supportive life habits to facilitate deep shifts. Making change, shifting thoughts and feelings, and doing new things is hard and challenging. When mindset is partnered with wellness and lifestyle work, we more easily build resourcefulness and feel better while doing so.  

Wellness Support and Lifestyle Medicines provide a pathway and process for powerful healthy change

Breathwork and meditation helps you embody your resilience and create long-lasting changes. I am a healthcare practitioner and immersed in health and wellness. I have also guided, practiced and learned meditation, breathwork and yoga for many years.

I am here to help you and make it so much easier, simpler and liberated.  I am here to guide and inspire to move beyond distraction, celebrate small shifts while building amazing change. I am invested in you thriving, feeling how you want to, and actually creating your envisioned life.

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I am dedicated to over-delivering in value to support you in creating an exceptional resilient life. Join me in this inspired, life-shifting experience. Resilient You will be released in early 2021. Get ready, I can’t wait to welcome you!

Redefine and Reimagine how you walk in this world!

I look forward to connecting with you and offering you this amazing valuable program.

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Self-Paced Program Details 

  • Gift upon completing the program
  • Downloadable printable program guide.
  • Resources and reading guides
  • Worksheets and thought exercises
  • Special tools and methods to create change and progress
  • Digital tracks to support program
  • Comprehensive Self-paced modules in self-coaching, mindset and wellness
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  • Unlimited Email support
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  • Community Group
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As part of the founding cohort, receive the THRIVE! program as a gift to get you started building powerful capacity and thriving wellness. Then, receive pre-release content prior to Resilient You's release and bonus modules!