Innovative Nutrition
Precision Nutrition Consultation Service

“She has seen and drawn-out strength and assets that lead to dramatic benefits related to adjustments in nutrition she has recommended”

Nutrition is a vital foundation of our wellbeing and health. It can be simple and life-changing at the same time.

Let’s work on a curated nutrition plan that investigates every aspect of your health and nutritional needs. We do this by simply removing confusion and replacing it with clarity. So, we figure out what is standing in the way and treat the root cause.

This is done by discussing your nutritional objectives, as well as history and any symptoms you have. We explore your everyday eating habits and food preferences. I use comprehensive nutritional assessment tools to investigate and assess areas that need nutritional or nourishing boosts. 

Then, I develop an exceptional do-it-yourself protocol to create optimal nourishing nutrition that works for you after just one consultation! 

Depending on your needs, I may recommend:
  • Laboratory testing, hormone, micronutrient testing, nutrigenomics testing
  • Supplement, Adaptogen, and Nutraceuticals unique for you
  • Nutritional Strategies to improve energy levels
  • Specific foods to address nourishment, symptoms, and optimization
  • Methods, products, or protocols that would enhance your nutrition
  • At-home food sensitivity testing.
  • Meal plans and recipes based on your food preferences and needs
  • Digestion and gut health protocols
  • Fasting protocols
  • Macro profiles and calorie recommendations
  • Intuitive and mindful eating education
  • Decoding eating for healthy body composition, weight loss, or gain
  • Fueling appropriately, hydration, and recovering quickly
  • Dietary changes to decrease disease risk or address current condition(s)
  • Food preparation strategies for your lifestyle

Finally, we discuss your personalized plan in detail. Your clearly laid out plan is practical yet creates optimal nutrition in a doable stepwise approach. We’ll go over everyday food-related lifestyle suggestions to create exceptional outcomes for you during our recommendations appointment.

We discuss eating intuitively and mindfully and why that is impactful. Also, I offer suggestions for how to implement the ideas discussed. We can explore meal plans and meal prep ideas.

To boost your follow-through, in addition to your comprehensive written plan, receive a nutrition protocol and food tracking app, a customized recipe and meal-planning app, as well as other resources and handouts for implementing the personalized nutritional plan.

  • Precision Nutrition Consultation Service is divided into five parts:
    • The First Part: Mini-application and questionnaires
    • Second Part: 30-to-60-minute initial assessment via phone or video
    • The Third Part: Comprehensive case review period
    • Fourth Part: 30-to-60 minutes Nutrition plan appointment via phone or video.
    • The Fifth Part: 90-days of support via email, text, and/or Voxer
    • Bonus, post-program phone or video check-in
  • Written Nutrition assessment, plan, and notes are delivered via email and online platform
  • Included in your Personalized Nutrition Assessment and Plan:
    • Written food plan, food list, and supplementation program (as needed)  
    • 1-year subscription to a nutrition protocol and tracking program
    • Custom recipe collection with a full sample week of breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snack options
    • 1-yr subscription to a comprehensive online recipe and meal planning program
    • Custom calories and macros to achieve your goals (as needed)
  • The Next Steps are clearly discussed and outlined.
  • As needed:
    • Detailed Supplement, Adaptogen, and Nutraceutical Blueprint are provided.
    • Laboratory tests, biomarker analysis, and testing as needed at additional cost.
    • Nutrigenomics or microbiome testing as needed at additional cost
    • Access to discounted professional-grade supplements and dispensary
    • Educational material, tools, and resources
    • Add-on programs for specialty wellness needs

We use easy-to-access platforms and at-home or local-to-you laboratories. For your convenience, I partner with online nutraceutical and supplement dispensaries. I also only recommend personally vetted nutraceutical/supplement companies with the highest quality standards and 3rd party testing.

Questions about services or applying:
Contact Dr. H directly (DM) at @drheatherleefarrell on Instagram, this FaceBook profile, text directly to (833) 796-0690, or submit a note via our contact page, here!

Spaces are limited and worth it!! Please apply below.

After application and initial payment, you will receive intake forms, questionnaires, and a link to schedule your initial assessment within 48 hours.

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