Now is the time to create your envisioned life and make it real..

Thrive in exceptional ways creating remarkable results you want

I want you to know that I am speaking to you right where you are. I am not talking to your future envisioned self or who you think you should be or who everyone else thinks you are. I am writing this to you, to who you are right now. All the parts of you. Just like me.

I want you to know that what happens next in your life is up to you. You can redefine yourself and your world or change it completely. Design your Life by defining what matters most and clarifying shifts in a way works for you. The way you think matters. When you change your mind, you transform your life.

Challenging times, when we feel afraid are times to create courage.
It is time to be brave enough and not let fear stop you.

Times of challenge and transition are opportunities to reevaluate. These are those in-between states of being when we feel like we are teetering on a threshold sometimes in one place or phase and sometimes in another; but different. These are the times when we experience unknown and uncertainty. These are times when we know that something else must end or come to completion in order for us to step onward. These things can be anything and they are full of discomfort and challenge.

In these times, it’s important to know that we decide what is challenging for us, not others, not the world. We decide for us. Why? Because you are the biggest part of your solution process. And with being so important comes knowing why and becoming aware of our challenges.

In doing this, we become cognizant of what we were unaware of before.

Then, we leave unhelpful beliefs behind and make choices aligned with what matters to us.

We can develop an empowering framework for proactively creating an extraordinary life even when faced with obstacles. You can create the capacity to overcome obstacles, build confidence by investing in how you think and becoming more aware of this.

Doing what you need to move forward meaningfully is not always easy or convenient. And it will be different for everyone.

One of the biggest obstacles to investing in change is we don’t think we should have problems. Yet they happen over and over because life is full of contrast, sometimes rough, sometimes easy, sometimes sad, sometimes happy.

Move into what is uncomfortable, hard, and challenging.
Knowing that is okay.
Knowing it is worth it.

Know it’s natural and okay to feel fear, stress, overwhelm, or anxious. Uncertainty in life occurs over and over. Life gives us circumstances that offer contrast, challenges, and obstacles—good and bad. It’s not easy and never will be. I can tell you that honestly because I just went through over EIGHT unexpected years of severe accident recovery, surgeries, adjunct medical needs and as a result many wellness issues. Yes, eight. And yes, completely unexpected. And here I am writing this to you.

I want you to know that I am writing this because:

  • I am NOT here telling you what to do, I’m here with you.
  • I am NOT here to tell you I’ve done the work but work with you.
  • I am NOT on the other side telling it’s better over here, I am with you where you are, right now.
  • I am here to guide me and help you guide yourself—side by side.
  • I am to help you as we help each other.
  • I am here to offer valuable collaboration for your meaningful shifts.

I believe now is the time to go beyond writing down your goals, creating vision boards and declaring affirmations—actually create change in your life. It is easy to dream about your ideas; but it is hard to make them real.

I know that it is not like you don’t want to shift certain areas and it’s not like you don’t want to feel rejuvenated, expansive, energized and rested. It’s not. You need to know that forcing yourself doesn’t work. Using willpower doesn’t work. But applying effective coaching, thought and wellness methods do work.

Use effective methods to create incredible results and positive outcomes despite circumstances.

It’s not about just thinking a positive thought. Or saying a positive affirmation in desperation. It’s not about telling yourself you believe something totally different now in a single moment. Sometimes that works. But of the time, it feels like we are forcing ourselves to do something we are not ready for yet. Why is that? Because most of the time, we need to ease into the new way of being, thinking and believing in a way that works for us.

A more helpful way to make sustainable change that matters and really works is through melding together transforming the way we think, shifting what we do and setting up a simple supportive environment for change. Trust me, it’s true. And it can be simple. But like I’ve said before, simple is not always easy. It’s just simple. Uncomplicated. Having a clear method or strategy.

Keep it simple as simplicity works.

We can struggle, be challenged, and meet obstacles without creating over-suffering. Yes, you do need to work hard to do this; to create meaningfulness and confidence, and you can do that. You can do that with practical methods, internal pause, commitment, and clear intention.

Effectively. Meaningfully. Authentically. Soulfully.

Sometimes, the shifts we make are small and sometimes the shifts we make are immense. It varies for everyone; neither is better than the other. How we meet circumstances and what we do is what matters. What you think, feel and do is always up to you. Even in the face of serious obstacles

According to the philosopher, Epictetus, there are always two handles of every event,
one by which it can be carried and one by which it can’t.

Which handle you grab, is up to you. How you help yourself and others is up to you. What you choose to focus on is up to you. Even during rough and challenging times.

As we cultivate the skill of being able to do this deep work all areas of our life will thrive. We regain the capacity to focus, to move beyond distraction, to celebrate small shifts and build amazing change. No matter what circumstances are occurring in your life or in the world.

When you do this, you go beyond just trying to feel good and being only devoted to the present—creating a gratifying true joy and devotion to all areas of our life —now and the future. Creating something real and lasting; however difficult. Then, at some point it simply becomes who you are, what you do and how you live your lif

Create a resilient mind and embody wellness.

When you do this, it can be a time for deep reflective questioning, reprioritizing, reharmonizing areas of life and focus. Here are some questions to ponder:

  • What step that you thought you couldn’t take before could you take now?
  • What matters most to you right now?
  • How can you create a more meaningful life while also co-creating the world you want to live in?

Redefine and Reimagine how you walk in this world!

We can apply coaching to all areas of life at any time. Especially where transition and deep challenge reside. Ultimately, creating an authentically incredible life where you live while choosing to love your life.

We can even use coaching when faced with huge challenges,
serious obstacles, and global disruptions.

I have transformed my own life with these tools and believe in these methods. I am doing the work too. I used health, Life and thought coaching to create sustainable health after many years of severe trauma recovery. It works. What I went through, am doing now, and offering you is relevant because all we do matters. I have put this work to use for myself while rebuilding all life areas.

I am speaking to you right where you are with solutions and methods that work.

We start knowing you are valuable as you are and appreciating your present state. I am not focused on “better” or “getting over there.” We create our envisioned future self while being where you are. Honoring now yet crafting your envisioned life. This is the work of transformation.

You decide your focus, but you must be all in as you are the biggest part of your solution process.

To reclaim and create the strength and clarity needed for change, we find your compelling reasons why and create a more aware perspective that is open to change. (Some people refer to that as a growth focused mindset) At the same time, supporting it with a step-by-step functional plan. When you surround it all by lasting and evolving simple lifestyle shifts and habits, you actually make progress and get the outcomes you want.

Our purpose, strength, and capacity matter now more than ever.
Now more than ever—all that we do matters.

Even though thought and perception is a strong focus in making change, using wellness, and supportive life habits helps facilitate deep shifts. Making change, shifting thoughts and feelings, and doing new things can be difficult. So, when this is partnered with wellness and lifestyle practices, we more easily build resourcefulness and feel better while doing so.

Lifestyle Medicines provide a pathway and process for powerful healthy change

Personally, I find bringing in restoration, practical meditation, and breathwork gives this an amazing unbreakable foundation. Breathwork and meditation helps you embody your resilience and create long-lasting change

The simplest step can create profound shifts.

I know what it is like to be challenged, and I know what it is like to create a life you love while also letting life love you. You will create the outcome you want—I believe that with all my being.

I am here to help you: To learn how to feel afraid, anxious, or stressed without quitting or fixating on negative thoughts. To build resilience. To guide you in building resourcefulness while creating new ways. To know that you can do this anyway. No matter what.

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Why work with me? There are so many amazing people to work with, so why consider me?

I am all in, rock-solid, confident we can do this. Integrating the most effective coaching programs adapting to your unique needs and desires. In addition, I’ve spent years learning the most current behavioral change and cutting-edge practical habit-creating methods. Finally, being a health and wellness practitioner, I’m devoted to helping you thrive in all ways.

How we do anything is how we do everything.

How we do anything is how we do everything.

You work with yourself, not on yourself. There’s a difference. You decide what that is, and I support and guide you through this process. I help you do that with commitment and exceptional methods. Let’s work together to intelligently design your envisioned life.

You become your own “change agent,” impacting your life forever.

In gratitude,

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