“She has been able to listen to what is going on and offer advice in a thoughtful and integrative way... seen and drawn-out strength and assets I have to offer that I have not been aware of and then gently offer subtle changes that in turn lead to dramatic benefits.” GH

Health, Wellness, and Mindset (Life) Coaching 

“As an athlete, I have always found it challenging to balance my training, work, and personal relationships with time for myself. Not only has Heather helped me work through some difficult injuries and physical pain, she has given me tools to improve my own self-care on many levels. I highly recommend working with Heather!” BP”

Thrive in exceptional ways creating remarkable results you want

Let’s work together to intelligently design your envisioned life, optimal health, and wellness. What happens next in your life is up to you. You can redefine yourself and your world or change it completely. I help you deeply create your desired outcomes with clarity, unstoppable motivation, and commitment.

Together, we delve deeply into your life, wellness, and health desires. To generate the strength and clarity needed for change, I ask powerful questions to uncover what matters to you, your compelling reasons why, and your motivations for change.

We work in the business of transformation.

Create a growth mindset by breaking through and changing limiting beliefs, thoughts, and emotions into unlimited thinking and belief patterns. I guide you in building resourcefulness while creating new ways. To know that you can do this anyway. No matter what.

You become your own “change agent,” impacting your life forever.  You work with yourself, not on yourself. So, there’s a difference. You create the capacity to overcome obstacles and build confidence.

Your mindset matters. When you change your mind, you transform your life.

We create life-changing mindset shifts by integrating the most effective coaching methods adapted to your unique needs. I’ve spent years learning the most current behavioral change methods and effective habit-creating ways for incredible results and positive outcomes despite circumstances.

Then, we partner your desired outcomes, coaching, and mindset work with a step-by-step functional plan. Also, it includes being surrounded by lasting and evolving lifestyle shifts and supportive habits. Bringing in my years of work in mindful awareness, deep relaxation, practical meditation, and breathwork. So, I share with you how to seamlessly blend that into your everyday life, supporting you in simple ways.

The simplest step can create profound shifts

Finally, being a health and wellness practitioner, I’m devoted to helping you thrive in all ways. With me, you have access to cutting-edge wellness techniques in self-care. Also, learn how to create healthy movement and exercise programs to optimize your life, and add healthy wellness practices with incredible success into your daily life. Wellness Support and Lifestyle Medicines provide a pathway and facilitate profound shifts.

Based on your unique needs, I may use a combination of:

  • lifestyle wellness,
  • creating resilience
  • breathwork
  • behavior change methods
  • Resilience Practices & Ways of Thinking techniques
  • movement
  • supportive habits
  • deep relaxation
  • cognitive causal coaching methods
  • thought and belief work
  • productivity protocols
  • self-love, abundant mindset work
  • practical meditation
  • sleep wellness
  • intentional objective and goal setting
  • journaling
  • gratitude practices
  • setting up your environment
  • evening and morning routines

Transformation is difficult, and it demands dedicated effort, and that is okay. I guide you in adapting with resilience while noticing and celebrating each shift.

I have transformed my own life with these tools and believe in these methods. I am doing the work too. I used health and mindset coaching to create sustainable health after many years of severe accident recovery, multiple surgeries, and adjunct health needs. It works.

Through this program, you have an innovative guide and tools to help yourself in unlimited ways with long-lasting outcomes. I am speaking to you right where you are with solutions and methods that work, producing incredible results. Join me.

  • Four-month program (can be extended.)
  • Program:
    • First Part:  Mini-application and questionnaires
    • Second Part:  1 to 2 hours Initial appointment via phone or video
    • Third Part:   Review Period
    • Fourth Part:  1st, 60-minute Check-in & Get Started Appointment via phone or video
    • Fifth Part:  Working together!
    • Ongoing:  Three additional 60-minute check-ins via phone or video
  • Email, text, and/or Voxer support between sessions
  • Written recommendations and detailed notes are also delivered digitally
  • Special tools, techniques, and methods to create change
  • Thoughts & Beliefs handouts, worksheets, and workbooks
  • Digital tracks (audio and video)
  • Resources and Apps for tracking, accountability, and measuring progress
  • Lifestyle Wellness resources and handouts.
  • Access to self-paced programs
  • As needed, access to my healthcare practitioner assessment and guidance
  • Special (surprise!) gifts as you reach benchmarks
  • Personalized discounts on additional programs and add-ons

This program is intentionally designed to ensure that we have enough time together to implement lasting changes for your desired outcomes. 

Questions about services or applying:
Contact Dr. H directly (DM) at @drheatherleefarrell on Instagram, this FaceBook profile, text directly to (833) 796-0690, or submit a note via our contact page, here!

Spaces are limited and worth it!! Please apply below.

After application and initial payment, you will receive intake forms, questionnaires, and a link to schedule your initial appointment and assessment within 48 hours.

Still, have questions?
Let’s get to know each other.

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