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Precision Healthcare Consultation Service

Dr. Farrell really helped the healing process with four cancer surgeries I had this year. ….There are several other areas in my life where Dr. Farrell has made nutrition and health suggestion that have helped me in the healing process. I have complete confidence in Dr. Farrell’s ability to diagnose problems and recommend successful solutions.” DG

I purposefully blend diverse healthcare, wellness, and lifestyle modalities into a unique state-of-the-art program.  Thus, simplifying yet optimizing your approach to wellness and health. 

Gain access to precision healthcare, nutrition, longevity, lifestyle, movement, and mindset techniques to optimize your life. I blend modern science, functional medicine, holistic practices, and oriental & ayurvedic medicines.  

Together, we discuss and examine all aspects of your health and lifestyle, identifying root causes and underlying patterns contributing to health concerns.

After our detailed interview and comprehensive assessment, I dedicate time to a thorough review period and developing a personalized integrative healthcare and wellness program. I spend time considering the broad range of data relevant to your health and wellness. So, we do laboratory and more in-depth diagnostic testing as needed.  

During the review period, receive a food and eating wellness plan to follow during the review period. Depending on your unique needs, additional lifestyle medicine guides, and tips are also provided during the review period.  So, while I investigate, assess, and create a program, you get started right away working at wellness, optimizing your health, and boosting your immune system!  

Customized Healthcare, Wellness Protocols, and Lifestyle Medicine Protocols

Depending on your needs, I recommend a combination of customized healthcare and lifestyle medicine protocols. I always aim to improve health with doable methods and lifestyle interventions first.  These may include:

  • Nutrition, food & eating
  • Nutraceuticals & Supplements
  • Movement, fitness & physical activity
  • Herbal and botanical medicines
  • Sleep and rejuvenation
  • Reslience Practices & Ways of Thinking
  • Nootropics & cognitive enhancement protocols
  • Breathing & stillness practices
  • Gut-health protocols
  • Longevity and optimal aging protocols
  • Strategies &Habits
  • Use of progress tracking apps for HRV, Activity, and Sleep
  • Fueling and Recovery for activity and performance
  • Adjunct therapies such as sauna, cold immersion, or fasting
  • Stress management
  • Hormone balancing
  • Optimal weight creation and fat-loss
  • Nature and forest bathing practices
  • Healthy & non-toxic living environment
  • Lifestyle and wellness product recommendations

After the review, a tailored health and wellness optimization plan is delivered to you. During our second consultation, we discuss your clearly outlined personalized plan and recommendations in detail. Your result is a comprehensive program specific to you and no one else!

I give you total guidance and employ functional bio-hacking and self-quantification tools at the highest level and apply it directly to your health and wellness goals to help you live your best life. At the same time, I offer you a practical, common-sense approach to creating your desired health outcomes based on evidence-based, proven methods.

  • Healthcare and Wellness Consult Service is divided into five parts:
    • The First Part: mini-application and questionnaires
    • The Second Part: 1-2 hours of initial assessment via phone or video.
    • Third Part: comprehensive case review period
    • The Fourth Part: 1-2 hours of personalized healthcare plan via phone or video.
    • Fifth Part: 30 to 90-day follow-up via email, text, and/or Voxer
  • Written Comprehensive assessment and notes delivered via email and online platform.
  • 1-year subscription to nutrition protocol, meal planning, and wellness tracking program
  • All protocols and results are delivered via an easy-to-access platform
  • The Next Steps are discussed and outlined.
  • As needed:
    • Detailed Supplement, Adaptogen, and Nutraceutical Blueprint.
    • Food and meal planning is provided via an easy-to-access platform.
    • Laboratory tests, biomarker analysis, and testing at additional cost.
    • Access to professional-grade supplements, herbals, and nutraceuticals
    • Nutrigenomic, microbiome, hormone, and genetic/epigenetic testing at additional cost
    • Movement screening and postural analysis
    • Guided video and audio provided
    • Self-paced wellness programs
    • Educational materials, tools, and resources

We use easy-to-access platforms and at-home or local-to-you laboratories. For your convenience, I partner with online nutraceutical and supplement dispensaries. So, I recommend personally vetted nutraceutical/supplement companies with the highest quality standards and 3rd party testing.

Questions about services or applying:
Contact Dr. H directly (DM) at @drheatherleefarrell on Instagram, this FaceBook profile, text directly to (833) 796-0690, or submit a note via our contact page, here!

Spaces are limited and worth it!! Please apply below.

After application and initial payment, you will receive intake forms, questionnaires, and a link to schedule your initial assessment within 72 hours

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