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Resilient health through innovative healthcare

“I have crossed paths with Heather in various capacities and am always blessed by her knowledge in health. Whether it be related to adjustments in nutrition or healing tools she has recommended, I have benefited from her broad knowledge base and experience.” GH

Get guidance and strategies to produce incredible outcomes

Together, we dig deep, finding root causes of healthcare and wellness issues. Then using a solid health solutions system, we work to resolve them.  We turn around challenging wellness issues into a strategically developed and personalized health-promoting plan for you.

Simple. Comprehensive. Transformational.

Health thrives with simplicity, adaptive methods, and effective guidance. So, you achieve powerful wellness shifts with a doable stepwise process. I give you care and support to create exceptional lasting changes.

Simplicity changes everything

You can live with resilient engagement when feeling sick or uncomfortable. You don’t need to be disease-free to cultivate wellness. We redefine and simplify continuously, creating outcomes you want despite symptoms or circumstances.

You don’t need more information. You need transformation

I’ve invested in a big-picture approach to wellness, dedicating time reimagining, redesigning, and elevating how I practice. So, now is the time to change how we work in healthcare. I want to share this innovative adaptive framework with you: I’m here to share a better way.

Create exceptional wellness using methods that work

Dr. Farrell really helped the healing process with four cancer surgeries I had this year. ….There are several other areas in my life where Dr. Farrell has made nutrition and health suggestions that have helped me in the healing process. I have complete confidence in Dr. Farrell’s ability to diagnose problems and recommend successful solutions.” DG

Consultations and Services

I diligently developed healthcare and wellness consultation programs to produce remarkable results.
To support this process with exceptional outcomes, I offer limited spaces.
All consultation services are available worldwide via remote consultations.

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Healthcare, Wellness, and Nutrition

Healthcare and Wellness Consultation

Gain access to precision healthcare, wellness, longevity, and lifestyle medicine techniques to optimize your life. This Customized Healthcare and Wellness plan is tailored to your needs to create the outcomes you desire.  

Nutrition Consultation

Nutrition is a vital foundation of our well-being and health. It can be simple and life-changing at the same time. Let’s work on a curated nutrition plan that investigates every aspect of your health and nutritional needs.

Holistic Skin: Microneedling, Acupuncture & More

Our skin is a unique body system that contributes to our health and wellness. My precision-curated program produces expedient results that complement your existing facial and skincare program.

Simply Transformational Coaching

Health & Wellness, Life and Mindset Coaching

Let’s work together to intelligently design your envisioned life, optimal health, and wellness. What happens next in your life is up to you. You can redefine yourself and your world or change it completely. I help you deeply create your desired outcomes with clarity, unstoppable motivation, and commitment.  

Nutrition Therapy Coaching

Eat intuitively and nourish your body without restriction while dispelling limiting thoughts about food . Build a healthy foundation that serves you. We discuss mindful eating, cravings, vitamins, and supplementation recommendations, and how emotions and life play roles in our food and nutrition choices.

The Everything:

Comprehensive Healthcare & Nutrition Consultation
Wellness, Life & Mindset Coaching

Join my exceptional program that not only coaches and guides you in creating your envisioned life but integrates vital lifestyle, wellness, and healthcare guidance. I refer to this as the Everything Plan! 

Breath, Body, and Relaxation

Embodied Resilience:
Yoga and Movement Coaching

Learn and practice personalized yoga and movement for your constitution, lifestyle, and wellness needs from anywhere in the world! 

Breathwork Program:
Breath Naturally and Powerfully

Create wellness with embodied resilience while making long-lasting, powerful life shifts through practicing embodied breath-based awareness. Let me help you practice with skillful support and innovative methods that work so you explore these areas with confidence.

“She has been able to listen to what is going on and offer advice in a thoughtful and integrative way... seen and drawn-out strength and assets I have to offer that I have not been aware of and then gently offer subtle changes that in turn lead to dramatic benefits.” GH

Specialty Healthcare & Wellness Programs

All specialty programs are now self-paced with complete support.
As needed, they are add-ons to Consultation Services.
In addition, they are included in my transformational program, Resilient You.

Specialty Programs Include:
  • Simply Be Well: Cleanse and Reset
  • Simply Sleep Well Program
  • Simply Eat Well
  • Simply Live Well: Healthy Home Detox
  • Simply Thriving Skin:  Inside and Out
  • Simply Fasting: Body Rhythm Eating, Circadian Fasting, Time-Restricted, Intermittent and personalized protocols
  • Optimal-For-You Bodyweight, No Diet Culture!
  • Traumatic Injury Recovery: Regaining and Building Wellness and Health
  • Facial Exercises and Yoga
  • Facial and Jaw Injury: Recover, Heal and Rebuild
  • Optimal-For-You Supplements, Nutraceuticals, and Lab Testing
  • Women’s Health and Hormones: Revitalize and Transform
  • Simply Walking Program
Upon Special Request:
  • Birth Simply Works: An Empowering Pregnancy Yoga and Birth Preparation Program

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