Freedom Begins Between the Ears: Here I Go- Part Two

woman in the mountains sharing freedom begins

Here I Go …part two

I know in my mind that change is hard and find where freedom begins.

I used and created many health and wellness methods while healing up over the six years. But the tool that I have used all of the time has been my mindset. So, that’s why I am writing a lot about my thoughts and mindset, to begin with.  

I am resilient, steadfast, and adaptable

I believe that all shifts we make in health, wellness, and life begin with our mindset or perception. Not our willpower, although that does become helpful. But only when you are genuinely invested in what you are doing.

I notice that it might be very short-lived if I am not committed to working with my health or wellness in whatever way I have chosen. I can only push myself to do something mindlessly for so long and learn when freedom begins.

Since my house burnt down,
I now have a better view of the rising moon, Basho

But, if I invest it, if it matters to me, then I do it. Over and over. Yes, eventually, it becomes something I don’t even think about. 

I also realized firsthand that I could live with resilient engagement when feeling sick or uncomfortable during my recent past. I learned that I don’t need to be pain-free, unwellness-free, injury-free, or disease-free to cultivate wellness. 

beauty in brokenness opened liberated grace
finding the beauty in being broken open…

It sounds contradictory, but it isn’t.  There is so much more to health and wellness than achieving what we might view as an ideal. It’s also important to know that our societal ‘ideals’ might actually not be authentically healthy or well.  Something to ponder… You get to decide what feels well for you and it will vary during your life.

When I support my body with healthy choices, I enjoy my life more.

I try to redefine and simplify continuously, creating outcomes I want despite symptoms or circumstances. or whether I might be defined as ‘healed’ or ‘well’ or ‘uninjured.’ 

I decided that I take what matters from those labels—even labels from another healthcare practitioner. While working on improving my wellness or recovering fully, I can still view my body and myself as adaptable, strong, wise, and unique.

There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophy

It doesn’t matter what is happening. I can still think thoughts that help me move onward with abundance while loving my physical state of being. While injured. While sick. While healing up. While holding extra weight on my body. While feeling unwell.

woman petting a donkey
Consider thinking of yourself as a Bad Ass in a sea of Unicorns…
Here’s a simple health tip to try:

I recommend a lot of green powders. Why? They offer incredible nourishment in a very concentrated source. Plus, the technology in making them has evolved and kept nutrients intact. And it’s easy. Most people can reap huge benefits from taking them each day.

At first, this was hard. Even though I believed in doing it, I kept forgetting. I set up environmental triggers (I still do: my mix-it-up container sits right on my counter, ready for me!).

Then, finally, one day, it clicked. Now, I do it as part of my day. So easily.

It takes me less than five minutes.  Try it by adding this to your day. Contact me for brand suggestions. I have a list of about ten high-quality brands.

vegetables so you can begin again

I’ll be honest, green superfood powders, juices (If I don’t make my own, I like Farmer’s Juice), or green smoothies have been a wellness superpower for me for decades.

But, during my recent six years, I was unable to eat or chew food for about half the time (3 years and three months!). People kept offering me milkshakes or ice cream pints, but I kept drinking green superfood powders! (And, of course, the milkshakes!) Green powders, green juices, green smoothies literally saved me from being incredibly undernourished and having more medical issues than I encountered.

A funny note:  I tried to get my mom to take a green powder. She asked me, “Can I mix it in my yogurt?” My thought and response were, “If you like very gross-tasting yogurt, yes!”

Health is Wealth

If you would like some simple tips for making your own Green Superfoods Smoothie (you can use green superfoods powders!), click here.

woman laying down in train racks
When you think you might be at the end, you actually might be at the beginning…

Personally, I will share with you that I am on a journey to create optimal-for-me wellness and physical capacity. And continue it long-term. For me, part of that is losing some extra bodyweight that I am carrying now from being more sedentary, plus some adjunct medical issues from the past six years. It is one of my significant objectives for the next year period.

I am creating thriving health and wellness

Even though I have this focus, skills, and education in this area and plans, it doesn’t mean it feels easy or smooth all of the time.

And just because I have had some rough or challenging times throughout my life doesn’t’ mean that I deserve something easy or different now.

I have had several unforeseen things pop up during the recent months that I did not expect. Circumstances that I needed to pause, readjust and work with to move onward.

There are so many unexpected happenings in life.
So much contrast all the time.

When I have thought that because I struggled for periods or this or that was hard or want an easy patch because my most recent six years were rough, I always create so much more suffering for myself.

Just as you would think, I make things worse when I have those thoughts. I know that too. Yet somehow, I managed to do it over and over. So, don’t feel impatient or bad about yourself if this happens to you too. It’s natural.

woman wall climbing
Just when I think I’m “beached” or “stuck”, maybe I’m not?

I also have been noticing that each time it happens, I am a bit more aware. That means I also develop a more aware growth-focused mindset as I move onward. Or even a fantastic gain that I did not expect! As a result, the self-created suffering lasts for less duration, and I can rework my thoughts and truly believe differently.

I am responsible for what I think

So, again, I often ask myself questions to challenge those unhelpful thoughts!

I ask questions like these:

  • How (or why) is that ____? Example: How is it that things would be easy now?
  • How would I really feel if I thought and believed those thoughts?
  • Is this thought helping me? Is it useful?
  • What if this wasn’t true?
  • What would I do if I did not think this way?

For me, those types of questions usually give my brain enough of a shake-down that I start shifting and making choices that begin to create shifts–even if they are teeny tiny. Sometimes the teeny tiny shifts open the door for me to more openness and bigger leaps.

If you would like to try asking yourself some questions, feel free to check out this list I prepared for you. Here

woman sitting with resting head on her hand
Asking questions…

I do not create fake positive affirmations or force myself to think positive thoughts to move through these times.

Feeling sad, frustrated, or whatever is the opposite of positive is natural. It’s part of my life. I wouldn’t even understand happiness if I could not feel some true sadness. Sometimes the most incredible ideas, creativity, or kindness come from noticing all of my thoughts and emotions.

I don’t know your story, your scars, your darkness, your pain; but I do know that trees can grow through concrete, rock, and rivers can break through canyons. The earth smells incredible after a hard rain, from forest fires new and strange ecosystems can become.

And, trust me, I use a lot of affirmative thoughts.  But I also believe them. You won’t find me walking about with a fake smile, saying I’m great.

the mountains

When I was going through so much recovery and healing, I did not feel great. Not at all.  Many days now, I still do not feel great; but I feel well enough. And Invested. And Committed. And Purposeful. And Courageous

Courage at its most basic level is simply taking action

I came up with an authentic-for-me way to respond to people. I knew that some people did not want to hear about what might be going on with me or that it might be a bit too much to take in. But I still wanted to answer in a real way.

I would respond to people and say: ” I am okay enough.” or “I am well enough.”  Over time, that resonated with me as it always felt truthful. For the most part, I am usually okay enough by how I define it.

I am okay enough

Being okay enough meant feeling safe, that I was healing up, and being deliberate in my actions to help myself despite what my life might hold at the time. I could be feeling a lot of pain but still able to eat and get around-so to me, I was indeed okay enough.

freedom begins in the mountains
within every obstacle is an opportunity

I find that if I decide to make a shift or add a wellness method into my life and do not believe in it, it might be short-lived.

I trust in my body knowingness and wisdom and will let it lead the way

So, I learned many methods and skills to help myself create new thoughts and growth-related mindset and perception. And it works!  

I am finding it to be among the more powerful wellness methods that I use. It helps me lay the foundation for any action or plan that I want to take.

freedom begins with text I will pick up the pieces no matter how sharp
I will pick up the pieces no matter how sharp

To be continued…

In gratitude,

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