Seven Steps to a More Vibrant, Energized & Replenished YOU

Dr. Heather Lee Farrell’s

Seven Secrets to a Thriving Life!


Let’s-Get-Ready Day

I am here to offer support and guidance so you can prepare and decide ahead of time how to begin tomorrow with Day One!

I believe that the smallest changes have profound effects, and simple ordinary things can be the most powerful. We create our envisioned life minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day. 

I know that change is challenging. It can take time. I am immersed in this work personally and professionally and here to support you along this path. We walk it together. I have invested so much time in using these tips and Seven Secrets myself; they work.

I notably used most of them during a recent six-year full-time recovery from a severe accident and adjunct medical issues. I needed to build my life and wellness back step by step. So, I can tell from experience-taking small steps creates a thriving life, and it also produces the resilience, capacity, and confidence to do it over and over.

Some Basics:
  • You are here because you want to commit to taking even a few minutes each day focused on effective methods to help you feel good. This makes a huge difference. Over time, everything builds on each other. But, first, you simply begin.
  • You can return to this page anytime. Also know, that the basic program guide tips with links are listed at the very bottom of each Day’s Page.
  • Make sure to scroll down the entire page for Each day. Why? Extras and Bonuses are listed on the page after each days secret!
  • This program is set up as one doable tip each Secret divided into two days. However, you live your life, and this program needs to work for you! So, if you need to spend more days on each tip, do it! Then, when you have made it workable, move on to the next day.
  • Know that there are many ways to simplify or expand each day’s tip. You can extend this program into a more prolonged duration simply through all the bonuses and extra’s that are included.
Suggestions and Methods to support you during the program:

Intention and Commitment
Setting intentions is as simple as asking yourself: what you want to get out of the program. What’s your intention? Click here for an Intentions Worksheet

Deliberate Practice
Know that each deliberate practice supports the next. As you develop and expand your practices and empower yourself with these healthy choices in a way that works for you, you will make minor adjustments. Know that is okay–make it work for you! Reach out to me for any feedback. Click here for the Deliberate Practices PDF

Take Small Steps
Always come back to reflect on the one step you can do that has the most impact for you. How can you make it doable and as simple as possible to begin? Click Here for Taking Small Steps PDF

Reflect, Evaluate and Readjust
Also, reflect on what thoughts or things are getting in the way. Becoming aware of what we are not aware of is a game changer!  I have a practice sheet for you related to this. Click here for Reflect and Eval Sheet

A Bit about Mindset, Awareness, and Mindful Process
Know that the foundation of making shifts-even tiny ones that matter is your mindset. Not willpower.

I know, it sounds a bit strange–but think of how many times you said, “This year, I will _______.” You can’t force yourself to do something you are not invested in.  We can certainly use willpower to floss our teeth or other such tasks. We can also develop the skill of creating habits that matter and follow through too. But that also uses mindset!

So, spending time with mindset work creates a solid foundation for your envisioned life and wellness. AND in a way that feels good and works for you! 

Creating wellness is rooted in your beliefs, thoughts, and stories you have about yourself. We create our envisioned life step by step in how we commit to, love, and live our days.

And don’t’ worry; I’ve sprinkled a bit of mindset work into this program through a carefully curated set of emails!

Keeping Track
Consider tracking what you do – record your progress. This offers you a tool for self-accountability. Know that this does not work for everyone. If it does work for you, a tracker gives you data about the actions you take.

I find that data like this can be helpful in evaluating, assessing, and readjusting! But data, tracking, and accountability are not everything.  If you want to do this, you can create your tracker in a notebook, use an app, or another method.  Click here for a few different styles of trackers: Tracker 1, Tracker 2, Tracker 3

Look for in-depth suggestions and tips in Mindset, Awareness, and Mindful Processes from me in upcoming specialty emails. I will share some of the most essential tips from the above resources too!

See you tomorrow,

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