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Secret Two, Part Two

One thing does not lead to another, it leads to everything

Morning Time

Even More Benefits

Taking morning time boosts your happiness, increases productivity, sets you up for your current or next day, and reduces perceived stress levels.

It is also a protected space where you can do your most important life designing, life purpose work, and cultivate deep relaxation and restoration.

And yes, you can do that in 3 to 5 minutes…

Super Tips for you:
  • It is essential to figure out what works for you and what set of activities works for you —so it feels meaningful, and you create the results you want. Then, you want to do it again.

  • During your morning time, make sure you are unplugged from all tech, devices, and online-ness.  Do your morning time before you check your phone or anything else.

  • Have whatever you do during your 3 to 5 minutes be very simple. (Just sitting, having a cup of tea or coffee, doing nothing, etc.)

  • Commit to not changing your mind in the morning when you wake up. Know that you may have some resistance or want to lie in bed those extra five minutes. And that’s okay. Decide ahead of time to know that and do it anyway!
Suggestions for Your Morning Space:
  • Decide where to set up a comfortable space.
    • Try to find a more calm or quiet space where you won’t be interrupted and where you can be free of electronics. 
    • Over time, you will automatically relax when you enter the area you set up to practice your morning time. 

  • Do whatever you want and need to make the space comfortable for you.
    • Set it up so that you want to be there and return to it each morning.
    • It is also a protected space where you can do your most important life designing, life purpose work, and cultivate deep relaxation and restoration. 
    • At the same time, don’t make it a major setup project that takes much time–keep it simple and easy!

  • I often do this type of practice in a simple space that I have set up and I even use a small votive or tealight candle. (If you like this idea, be sure to use a 100% natural candle-like beeswax that has ZERO added chemicals in it). If this appeals to you, set up your space so that you enjoy this short period and look forward to it upon waking.

  • Gather all your tools/what you will use. Make sure to have something to sit or lie on.
Ideas for Your Morning Time:
  • Practice your morning time near a window
  • Light a candle
  • Step outside and do your morning time outdoors
  • Read an inspiring poem or passage
  • Write in a journal.
  • Massage your hands or feet.
  • Visualize your day.
  • Take some calm, spacious breaths.
One More Super Tip from Dr. H!

If Morning Time works for you, consider trying out something that I love to do: I often combine morning sunlight, movement, and breathing. Nature and sunlight lower stress and cortisol, as do movement and breathing.

Integrating these kicks tons of healthy bodily functions into gear that support each other. You can do this with a simple morning walk for a few minutes and noticing your breath!

Add something like this to your day when you have deliberately practiced morning time for a bit, and the practice is sustainable. If so, your next step would be to decide ahead of time, commit, and expand

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