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Dr. Heather Lee Farrell’s

Seven Secrets to a Thriving Life!

Secret Seven, Part One

My daily practice of gratitude and gain keeps my heart open regardless of what comes my way.

Gratitude and Gains

Exploring appreciation and gratitude and noticing your gains is a deliberate practice in your life because it is practical, works, and can profoundly impact your life.

With this Suggestion, I am sprinkling in a bit of mindset and life coaching methods; but in a doable way with significant impact.

Being aware of the gains (or wins) from your day and taking time to appreciate or find gratitude in your day is a huge step towards supporting an abundant growth mindset.


I have reaped colossal change and benefits from integrating daily gratitude in my life from journaling, practicing it meditatively, and sharing a practice with my family at mealtime. Over time, my brain just began to think differently.

Why? Because gratitude rewires your brain.

What that means for you in your life is that the more you deliberately practice, the more you default to positivity than negativity.

These benefits are long-lasting and can begin to be noticeable in as little time as a few weeks. Practicing gratitude is one of the most significant returns on investment in wellness that there is!

Consciously noticing gratitude and Gains in a deliberate practice lead to an overall feeling of well-being, more awareness, and clarity. This all makes us more resilient.

The exciting aspect for me is that it is effortless. Simple. It doesn’t require a location change, any equipment, or money. Just you. Just a few moments. Just a few deliberate thoughts that you truly believe.

As you begin to find these thoughts, these statements about what you are grateful for, you realize they are positive thoughts you believe.

They link directly to Mindset and Perception work and coaching. (Don’t worry, later, I will share more about how !) Mindset also profoundly influences your health and well-being.

How To:
  • You can do this any time of the day. 
  • Discovering being grateful for simple everyday things can be surprisingly life-changing work.
  • Take some time in thinking of things in your everyday life that you appreciate.
  • Think about things that you already have that you appreciate.
  • Give yourself a few minutes to reflect on 2 or 3 gains (wins) for the day. Know that these can be anything. (For example, something as simple as “I drank several glasses of water today”).
  • Next, Give yourself a few minutes to reflect on 2 or 3 things you are grateful for from that day or in general.   Sometimes the gains and gratitude are the same!

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Program General Guiding Tips: 
  • Always come back to reflect on the one step you can do that has the most impact for you. Click Here for Taking Small Steps PDF

  • Know that each day and deliberate practice supports the other. As you develop and expand your practices and empower yourself with these healthy choices in a way that works for you, you will make minor adjustments. Know that is okay–make it work for you! Reach out to me for any feedback. Click here for Deliberate Practices PDF
  • Intention and Committment: Setting aIt is as simple as asking yourself: what you want to get out of the program. What’s your intention?Click here for an Intentions Worksheet.

  • Consider tracking what you do – record your progress. This offers you a tool for self-accountability. A tracker gives you data about the actions you take. I find that data like this can be helpful in evaluating, assessing, and readjusting!  To do this, you can create your tracker in a notebook, use an app, or another method.  Click here for a few different styles of trackers: Tracker 1, Tracker 2, Tracker 3

  • Also, reflect on what thoughts or things are getting in the way. Becoming aware of what we are not aware of is a game changer!  I have a practice sheet for you related to this. Click here for Reflect and Eval Sheet

  • Know that the foundation of making shifts-even tiny ones that matter is your mindset. Not willpower. So, spending time with mindset work creates a solid foundation for your envisioned life and wellness. AND in a way that feels good and works for you!  Creating wellness is rooted in your beliefs, thoughts, and stories you have about yourself. Don’t worry; I’ve sprinkled a bit into this program!

  • Look for related and in-depth suggestions and tips from me in upcoming emails. I will share some invitations and special-for-you offers as well! For Now, enjoy this special-for-you and limited-time offer: Click Here! (I’ve included some amazing bonuses to support you in continuing to create sustainable wellness and shifts you desirendset and coaching work are part of many of my other programs but don’t worry; a bit is sprinkled into this program!

  • Look for related and in-depth suggestions and tips from me in upcoming emails. I will share some invitations and special-for-you offers as well!