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Seven Secrets to a Thriving Life!

Secret Seven, Part Two

My perception can be a source of great strength or great weakness

Gratitude and Gains

More about Gratitude and Gains…

Consciously noticing gratitude and Gains in a deliberate practice leads to an overall feeling of well-being, more awareness, and clarity. This all makes us more resilient.

The exciting aspect for me is that it is effortless. Simple. It doesn’t require a location change, any equipment, or money. Just you. Just a few moments. Just a few deliberate thoughts that you truly believe.

As you begin to find these thoughts, these statements about what you are grateful for, you realize they are positive thoughts you believe. You are literally rewiring your brain!

Gratitude and Gains link directly to Mindset and Perception. Mindset also profoundly influences your health and well-being.

Super Tips for you:
  • Try a Gains and Gratitude practice at dinnertime. If you share dinner with others, they can join in this practice too!

  • I like to do this deliberate practice towards the end of my day. That allows me to look back on my day.  So, first, decide when you will do this.
  • Journaling or writing for a few moments before sleeping can have a huge impact on some people.
    • It dumps or downloads all your thoughts out of your mind into your journal.
    • You can spend time planning for the next day, writing about your day, what you are grateful for, gains & good things that happened, how you feel—it is up to you.
  • You can expand this type of practice into writing. Consider creating a gratitude journal. Writing further makes this shift and imprint, and it also gives you a record to read later and enjoy.
If you want to expand this practice a bit more, try this:
  • Write about: 
    • What are the three biggest things that would make the most important progress for me tomorrow? 

    • Doing this also helps you become more aware over time of what objectives, tasks, and activities are most important, helpful, and healthy for you.
This is a practice I do everyday with dinner:
  • Something that I am generally grateful for
  • An everyday thing/event that I am grateful for
  • Something that I already have that I am grateful fo,
  • Something I want that I already have
  • Something I like about myself
  • Something I like about my spouse
  • A gain or win for that day.
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