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Dr. Heather Lee Farrell’s

Seven Secrets to a Thriving Life!

Secret One, Part Two

I will be courageous.
Courage at its basic level is just taking action.

Evening Wind-Down Time

Even though this is simple with easy-to-do first steps, it can still have its challenges!

When we have full days, we often try to pack in as much as possible at night, especially if we have younger children.

Just know that committing to winding down at night and taking even a few minutes of wind-down time will only enhance and boost your capacity and productivity during your daytime. Plus, you’re just going to feel better!

I’ve discovered that all the research on taking small steps or tiny shifts to create more significant, longer-lasting change is accurate concerning evening practices!

So, decide ahead to choose one small wind-down activity to add into the evening after you end your day’s main activities or before you go to sleep.

Super Tips for you:
  • Don’t procrastinate sleep to add in an Evening wind-down activity. Instead, begin with a smaller amount of wind-down time.
  • If this is working for you, slowly increase it by a little bit each night.
    • You decide the time interval.
    • Know that the tiniest increase will add up to massive impacts over time.
    • Make sure it is doable.
    • Consider working up to a 30-to-60 minute wind-down before bedtime.
  • Because devices, being online and screens affect our body rhythms at nighttime, try not to use devices, screens, and online anything before bedtime. Create a digital sunset for yourself.
    • Do it in small chunks. Start with 5 minutes, then increase the time to 10+ minutes of tech-free time.
    • Finally, consider working up to winding down and being off of devices 1 hour before your bedtime.
    • Put any devices into Airplane mode 30 to 60 minutes before bedtime.
Ideas for Your Evening Wind-Down-Time:
  • If you decide to create a relaxing evening ritual or wind-down time, here are some suggestions:
    • Keep it very simple at first. You can slowly add to it and expand it.

    • Create a relaxing routine before you sleep, from yoga to breathwork to deep relaxation or even a walk.

    • Movement about two or more hours before sleeping can improve sleep quality and time falling asleep.

    • Consider trying a bath with mineral salts and essential oils.
      • Lavender is a relaxing essential oil

    • Take relaxing herbs or teas: 
      • Ashwagandha supports the sleep cycle.
      • Chamomile is an example of a soothing herb to use in tea.

    • Listen to music you enjoy.

    • Read
      • Optimally device-free.
      • If you choose a device, put it in night mode and wear blue-light blocking glasses.

    • Do absolutely nothing.
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