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Secret Four, Part Two

I don’t see a cup half full or half empty.
I see a cup that is refillable and full of options.

Eat and Fast with Your Body’s Rhythms

Want to expand Body Rhythm Eating & Fasting?
  • You can mix it up by integrating a more extended fasting period into your foundational body rhythm fasting. (Healthiest for your hormones).

  • Know that your body is the absolute most insulin-resistent three to four hours before you sleep. It is also trying to get a bunch of healthy-for-you and important processes done as well. SO, Give this a try:
    • Start your Body-Rhythm fasting as close to early evening as possible. Even 6pm or 6:30pm. You will reap gigantic benefits by investing in this action.

  • As time goes on, if you can wait until later morning to begin eating, try that. You can experiment with more extended fasting periods. This sprinkles in a bit of what is called Intermittent Fasting and other fasting protocols. (This is not the same as Body Rhythm Eating).
    • For example, breakfast at 10:00 am. Think of it as simply delaying your breakfast a bit.
    • Still eat breakfast and not too late.

  • Related to the above suggestions: Work at cycling how you fast and doing non-consecutive days. As a woman, this is the healthiest way for your hormones. Also, it is more manageable and not overwhelming.
    • For example, Do a 12 hour fast one day, no fast the next day.
    • OR do a 12 hour fast one day and switch to a 10 hour fast the next day. (or a longer amount of hours of fasting) This is what I mean by “mixing it up.”
    • Be sure to break it up and take a day off of fasting here and there, especially if you begin to do this every day.

Make sure to get in touch with me about any questions related to this by replying to your program emails.
In this program, I keep it simple yet optimal!
Yet, I want you to feel well supported and know I have extensive education, training, and experience working with fasting protocols.

Super Tips for you:
  • Make sure to check the Extras section below as I created a bonus for you that includes recipes and more!

  • Avoid snacking or eating at night after your last meal. Especially if you stay up later at night and snack, you can slow down melatonin production, making it harder to fall asleep and sleep more deeply.

  • Before you eat while you are still fasting, drink hot tea or coffee with a touch of cinnamon. Do not add any sweeteners, oils, or milk to your tea or coffee.

  • If you are hungry during your body rhythm-based fasting time, drink water and plain teas or coffee. OR simply shorten your fasting period. Remember: Small Steps Create Profound Steps Over Time!!!!

  • If you are having an exceptionally challenging time, allow yourself to eat something with no sugar and less than 60 calories. Then, transition away from doing this–but use it as a transition tool only.

  • Drink a lot of water–plain water. Stay hydrated. Staying hydrated is a super-easy way to practice self-care and truly one of the most impactful. Water helps your brain and body function optimally. Work up to drinking 8 to 10 glasses of or water bottles/glasses of water per day. (each glass or bottle roughly being 8 to 12 ounces) Consider this an extra day’s tip!!!

  • Have your first meal be something delicious! Break your fast with something you look forward to, which is healthy and satiating. Also, end your day with a delicious-to-you meal.

  • If you have great difficulty sleeping and sleep less than 5 or 6 hours per night, shorten your fasting window to 8- or 10-hours max. You will still have benefits, especially if you do not snack and cut back on processed foods and sugars! Consider working on creating more rejuvenating sleep before adding in a new daily strategy that might feel stressful.
A Bit More…
  • Even though this tip is not all about food and nutrition, Here are a few tips:
    • Focus on eating nutrient-dense foods!
    • Eat less processed or unprocessed food, whole foods, higher fiber, plant-based foods, foods high in healthy fats, and protein-rich foods!

  • Sometimes, but not always, I like to have my Green Superfoods powder drink as the first thing that I ingest. Then, I follow that with some delicious satiating food depending on my chosen schedule and appetite. You can try this too! (See Day Three for tips and Handouts!)

  • Moving while fasting outside in nature–getting some sunlight can be a fantastic way to boost your mood and metabolism.
  • I offer in-depth guidance and programs in food and nutrition and will share some tips in this area with you later on.
  • Recipe Guide to support you creating satiating and satisfying meals! Click Here
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  • Tea and Drink Guide, Click Here
  • Click here for my Simple Green Smoothie PDF. You can even use powders!
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