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Secret Five, Part Two

Doing Nothing is Something

Take a break

A Bit More About This…

Remember, rest and restoration are simply a vital part of being well as a human. We just need it!

Taking a short pause can be something you add to your day no matter what you are doing. Know that it does not need to be elaborate, it can be very simple.

Rest is just not stopping or not doing something. We are choosing to rest. We are not reading or watching a program, even though they may be activities we enjoy.

Rest is …well… restful. It feels as if you are pausing and regenerating. We are allowing the brain just to be a brain-not focus on something; except maybe noticing our breathing or our senses (hearing)

Know that rest does not have to be earned, nor is it a reward for working hard.

Taking this type of break is not being lazy. It is an essential part of being productive. Take time to recharge.

To be able to support yourself in resting & restoring, you need to value and appreciate it. You need to believe it is helpful and worthwhile.

Break Tips for you:
  • Know that a short break is better than nothing. So even 5 minutes can help.

  • If you can, pause for 15 to 20 minutes. If not, do what works.
    • Consider figuring out how to gradually add in a bit more time. There is no rush.
    • Also consider taking several breaks space throughout the day
    • Eventually, fit in a short break several times during the day, spacing it between your most productive periods.

  • Take this pause or break after working or doing something for an extended period.. (About 90 minutes)
A Few More Ideas for you:
  • During your break, try not to do anything too taxing. (This means not activating your brain or your body much.) But also do what you enjoy–what works for you. Don’t have too many rules when you take a break!

  • Refrain from being on your device, using tech, checking social media, web-browsing, or anything else online. It is essential to be completely unplugged.

  • Try not to take in any information–reading, looking at magazines or newspapers.
    • Just rest your brain for a few moments.
    • This will be huge in helping you learn how to pause and do nothing.
    • NOTE: BUT know that If reading is truly the only thing that enables you to relax, then go for it. Then, overtime slowly shift so that you can recharge without doing another activity.
  • If you are sitting, let your eyes close. Then, notice your breath. If you are walking, also notice your breath. In both cases, try to notice your pulse. We are doing this to notice our body rhythms.
    • Note: we are not practicing mediation but simply noticing our rhythms. Let your mind wander but try not to get stuck in any negative emotions or reactions. (Learning to work with these is part of some more in-depth programs that I offer related to mindset)

  • An excellent resource to read more is The 20-Minute Break by Ernest Rossi, Ph.D.
Ideas for Your Break Time:
  • Pause and focus on your breath. Notice it. Just breathe naturally.

  • Just lie down and do some deep relaxation.

  • Do some restorative yoga, Deep relaxation Yoga Nidra.

  • Meditation and breathwork are considered wakeful resting practices. Consider taking a pause and being still in a way that works for you.

  • Lie down and notice your surrounding and just hang out.

  • Listen to music that you enjoy while resting in a comfortable position.

  • For some, gentle movement can feel restful. For others, gentle movement or slow walking does not feel restful. Try it to find out for yourself.

  • Take a slow walk where you pause to notice where you are and feel the area with your senses—what do you hear? Smell? See? Feel?

  • Taking a tea or coffee break and sitting somewhere you enjoy. While you are sitting, you become aware of your surroundings, let your thoughts wander, take some deeper breaths

  • If you are at home, Invest time in a natural skincare routine (your skin is an organ system!) Putting on natural or organic skin masks can feel restful and restorative.

What is your relationship with resting? Restoring? Pausing and just relaxation?

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