Seven Steps to a More Vibrant, Energized & Replenished YOU

Dr. Heather Lee Farrell’s

Seven Secrets to a Thriving Life!

Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished

Bonus Secret One! Part One

These Bonus Secrets help you bring it all together. Both bonus tips support and integrate with the other seven days.

Just Enough Sunlight & Nature

Let’s go outside and get just enough sunlight and nature. Or…bring it inside to you!

It doesn’t matter if there is cloud cover or bright sun. The benefits of sunlight pass through the clouds and reach you.

Getting outside early in the day will give you a huge boost as it aligns wonderfully with natural body rhythms.

But, not to worry, all throughout the day and even small amounts of time matter and offers incredible benefits.


Getting Sunlight and spending time outside offers many physical and mental benefits. It is even being recommended and prescribed by healthcare practitioners.

  • You get a massive boost to your immune system.  
  • You get a boost of Vitamin D.
  • Being exposed to natural light can reset body rhythms and internal clock
  • Inflammation is reduced.
  • Mood and concentration are improved.
  • Stress levels and blood pressure is lowered.
  • You have increased Energy and healing times
  • Sleep improves
  • You just feel better
How To:
  • You can do this any time of the day. 

  • First, notice all the ways that you spend time outside already. Is it possible to add some time to any of these? You can shift course and do something different outside at that time too.

  • You can do this for very short periods of time, make it doable! Try for 5 to 10 minutes each day.

  • Use Objective Minimums, “I will go outside for a minimum of 5 minutes and maybe up to 20!

  • Decide ahead of time and chose when you will begin to spend time outside.
How To Extras:
  • Think about things you do inside that you could shift to doing outside, particularly in the morning. How about drinking tea or coffee outside while taking a walk?

  • Figure out somewhere outside that you add into an already planned errand or appointment–stopping outside before or after for a short time.

  • Revisit Secret Two (Morning Time) and Secret Five (Take a Break). At times, consider doing these outside.

*Note: All Extras, Bonuses, Daily PDFs, links, and booklets are listed on each Secret’s Part Two web page.

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Program General Guiding Tips: 
  • Always come back to reflect on the one step you can do that has the most impact for you. Click Here for Taking Small Steps PDF

  • Know that each day and deliberate practice supports the other. As you develop and expand your practices and empower yourself with these healthy choices in a way that works for you, you will make minor adjustments. Know that is okay–make it work for you! Reach out to me for any feedback. Click here for Deliberate Practices PDF
  • Intention and Committment: Setting aIt is as simple as asking yourself: what you want to get out of the program. What’s your intention?Click here for an Intentions Worksheet.

  • Consider tracking what you do – record your progress. This offers you a tool for self-accountability. A tracker gives you data about the actions you take. I find that data like this can be helpful in evaluating, assessing, and readjusting!  To do this, you can create your tracker in a notebook, use an app, or another method.  Click here for a few different styles of trackers: Tracker 1, Tracker 2, Tracker 3

  • Also, reflect on what thoughts or things are getting in the way. Becoming aware of what we are not aware of is a game changer!  I have a practice sheet for you related to this. Click here for Reflect and Eval Sheet

  • Know that the foundation of making shifts-even tiny ones that matter is your mindset. So, spending time with mindset work creates a solid foundation for your envisioned life and wellness. AND in a way that feels good and works for you!  Creating wellness is rooted in your beliefs, thoughts, and stories you have about yourself. Don’t worry; I’ve sprinkled a bit into this program!

  • Look for related and in-depth suggestions and tips from me in upcoming emails. I will share some invitations and special-for-you offers as well! For Now, enjoy this special-for-you and limited-time offer: Click Here! (I’ve included some amazing bonuses to support you in continuing to create sustainable wellness and shifts you desirendset and coaching work are part of many of my other programs but don’t worry; a bit is sprinkled into this program!

  • Look for related and in-depth suggestions and tips from me in upcoming emails. I will share some invitations and special-for-you offers as well!