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Simple Practical Breaths Everyday

Take some pause and stillness in your everyday life.

More About the Benefits

Wellness benefits of Breathwork and Stillness practice include boosting your concentration and focus; thus, being more aware throughout your day.

You may notice increased mental clarity, focus, and feel calmer as you refine your cognitive and intellectual functioning of the mind over time.

It stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, which creates a relaxation response in the body and helps you feel less stress and anxiousness.

Over time, your immune system is boosted, blood pressure lowers, your felt sense of pain decreases, and your digestion system may improve.

I have found the observation-based (Just Noticing) method of practicing breathwork to profoundly impact my life in general. For me, it offers the capacity to notice what is happening and work at not adding a value or judgment or reaction to it all of the time.

One life benefit is that you can practice this observation-based method anywhere at any time – while you are moving or still, walking or sitting or exercising, working, waiting in line. While you are living your full life!

Super Tips for you:
  • You can practice observing and noticing your breath in ways that only you are aware of–so you can truly do this anywhere.
  • Consider working up to setting aside 5 to 10 minutes for some stillness, pause, and silence.
    • You can also use Objective Minimums here too: “I will practice simple breathing for a minimum of 5 minutes and maybe up to 10 minutes.”

  • You can fit breath observation or practice into something you are already doing. If you try this, you may notice that you feel more flow or present state while doing whatever you are doing!
  • Find yourself waiting for a while for something? Instead of pulling out your device and scrolling, pause and focus on your breathing for a few minutes. 
  • You can begin any movement, workouts, activity by focusing on your breath to begin. So, many options!
  • I like to practice breathwork when I am walking along. Sometimes when I am walking along, I will focus on allowing my exhales to be a bit longer than my inhales. You can try this too–anytime you are walking.
Simple Breath Practices:
  • Tip: You can breathe in and out of your nose, filtering and creating a calmer breath as you do so.
  • Here is yesterday’s simple practice: 

    • Pause, just notice your breath, the rhythm of your breath.
    • Don’t make your breath do anything.
    • Just breathe and observe.
    • You might notice that your breath does become a bit smoother or slower with being aware of it. Let that happen. 
    • Then, if it is comfortable for you, take a few breaths in and out of your nose. Just notice the breath. You don’t need to make it shorter or longer–just breathe.
  • One more simple practice: Breath Counts (also known as Box Breath):

    • Pause, just notice your breath
    • Inhale fully for a count of four
      • If possible, breath in through your nose, expand your torso in all directions; but don’t force it
    • Pause and hold the breath in for a count of four
    • Relax and Exhale for a count of four
      • If possible, breath out through your nose slowly; but don’t force it
    • Pause and hold the breath out for a count of four
    • Repeat and continue for as many rounds as you’d like.
      • Consider beginning with two rounds.
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  • Here is a general Wellness Planner that you can use to tie it all together!
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