Seven Steps to a More Vibrant, Energized & Replenished YOU

Dr. Heather Lee Farrell’s

Seven Secrets to a Thriving Life!

I can begin right now. I can do a little bit right now.

Bonus Secret Two! Part One

These Bonus Secrets help you bring it all together. Both bonus tips support and integrate with the other seven days.

Simple Practical Breaths Everyday

Take some pause and stillness in your everyday life.

Just enough silence, pause, and slow breaths can easily be part of your everyday life.

If you have a full life, we often think that practicing breathwork or stillness is inaccessible. But think about it, your breath goes with you everywhere. How you live is your practice.

We can embody stillness and breath in very simple ways.

You breathe more than 20,000 times in one day, so your opportunity to notice and practice breathwork is immense! And easy.


I believe that utilizing our breath and practicing breathwork is one of the pillars of wellness. We always have our breath with us.

We don’t need any unique methods or equipment to practice breathwork. Of course, we can delve into various techniques and invest in tools that enhance our practice; but it is not even necessary. 

Trust me, I know… I have spent decades learning, teaching, and practicing breathwork, mediation, and deep relaxation methods. I always return to keeping it as simple as possible so that it is indeed part of my everyday life.

Learn more benefits in part two of this secret. For today, let’s just try a few simple breaths!

How To:
  • Practice some slow, easy breaths at some point during the day.

  • You can do it anywhere.  At work, at home, while standing in a line, while sitting down, while walking, or being still.  
  • Commit to focusing on your breath for short periods throughout the day. Start with 3 to 5 minutes at first.
  • So simple.  Of course, you can practice breathwork in many ways. But this Suggestion is to simply pause and notice the breath for just a little bit.
A Simple Breath Practice to try Now:
  • A simple practice: 
    • Pause, just notice your breath, the rhythm of your breath.
    • Don’t make your breath do anything.
    • Just breathe and observe.
    • You might notice that your breath does become a bit smoother or slower with being aware of it. Let that happen. 
    • Then, if it is comfortable for you, take a few breaths in and out of your nose. Just notice the breath. You don’t need to make it shorter or longer–just breathe.

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Program General Guiding Tips: 
  • Always come back to reflect on the one step you can do that has the most impact for you. Click Here for Taking Small Steps PDF

  • Know that each day and deliberate practice supports the other. As you develop and expand your practices and empower yourself with these healthy choices in a way that works for you, you will make minor adjustments. Know that is okay–make it work for you! Reach out to me for any feedback. Click here for Deliberate Practices PDF

  • Intention and Committment: Setting aIt is as simple as asking yourself: what you want to get out of the program. What’s your intention?Click here for an Intentions Worksheet.

  • Consider tracking what you do – record your progress. This offers you a tool for self-accountability. A tracker gives you data about the actions you take. I find that data like this can be helpful in evaluating, assessing, and readjusting!  To do this, you can create your tracker in a notebook, use an app, or another method.  Click here for a few different styles of trackers: Tracker 1, Tracker 2, Tracker 3

  • Also, reflect on what thoughts or things are getting in the way. Becoming aware of what we are not aware of is a game changer!  I have a practice sheet for you related to this. Click here for Reflect and Eval Sheet

  • Know that the foundation of making shifts-even tiny ones that matter is your mindset. Not willpower. So, spending time with mindset work creates a solid foundation for your envisioned life and wellness. AND in a way that feels good and works for you!  Creating wellness is rooted in your beliefs, thoughts, and stories you have about yourself. Don’t worry; I’ve sprinkled a bit into this program!

  • Look for related and in-depth suggestions and tips from me in upcoming emails. I will share some invitations and special-for-you offers as well!