Seven Steps to a More Vibrant, Energized & Replenished YOU

Dr. Heather Lee Farrell’s

Seven Secrets to a Thriving Life!

If it weren’t for the rocks in its bed, the stream would have no song.

Bonus Secret One! Part Two

These Bonus Secrets help you bring it all together. Both bonus tips support and integrate with the other seven secrets.

Just Enough Sunlight & Nature

Some Super Tips for you:
  • Try to add getting outside into your morning.
  • Simply, choose to spend time outside—you do not need to be doing anything.

  • Figure out what you love to do outside. It does not need to be an active practice; but if it is active make sure you enjoy it. If you enjoy it, you will continue to do it and it will provide more benefit to you.

  • Revisit the other days in this program. Many of them are designed to work together; meaning that you can combine them. This makes taking small steps even more doable as you can combine them in a way that works for you!
Ways to integrate a bit of sunlight and nature into your days:
  • Go for daily walks. Just walk out your door and head out for a few minutes. Consider walking a mile or more-anywhere.

  • Go outside and take photos of things that stand out to you. Afterward, pause and write about what made them stand out to you—texture, color, movement, sound? What sense drew you to them?

  • Eat outside, have tea, coffee, or snacks outside.

  • Check out a local park

  • Go outside and just notice. Notice if you hear any sounds like birds singing, do you see any plants, flowers? Do you feel wind or breeze? Sun or cold?

  • Swing on a swing at a playground. Yes, Play! Outside.

  • Sit on a porch or curb or bench

  • Read outside

  • Have a walking meeting

  • Practice yoga or movement in a park

  • Rest outside.

  • Do some creative works outside, like writing, drawing, playing or just noticing the art in nature.

  • Walk barefoot or just take your shoes and socks off and place your feet upon the ground.

  • You can do a physical activity like walking, running, or riding bicycles—whatever works for you. Many if not all of the movements and workouts can be practiced outside
If you want to expand this practice, try this:
  • Slowly increase your time outside in increments of a few mintues to 10 minutes each day until you reach a time period that feels good for you and is not overwhelming. Consider trying to be outside for up to 60 minutes each day.

  • Have you ever heard of Forest Bathing (Forest and Nature Therapy/Wellness)? If not, click here for some more information. Below, I have included Forest Bathing Bonuses for you to try.
My mostly-daily practice:

I try to get outside for up to 60 minutes each morning. My activities and focuses vary but often include walking, taking care of my dogs, doing mobility outside, doing chores, or spending time in nature.

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