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Breath and Stillness: Practice Essentials Program
  1. Scroll to the program component you are working with.
  2. Click on whatever resource you need at the moment. It will open up from this website page. Or you will be able to acess it directly on this page.
  3. Contact me, by responding to your program email with any questions, feedback or if more support is needed. In the meantime,  I wish you thriving health and wellness in a way that works for you!
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All your Goodies are Below:

  • Program Guide:
    This Program Guide is an extra BONUS for you! You don’t need it to practice. You can just scroll to the audio below and begin.
    • Click Here for the Bonus Program Guide. (It’s worth it!)
      (depending on your device settings, it will either pop up in a browser window or download)


  • Breath and Stillness Practice Class Audio Tracks:
  • Breath Awareness Practice Audio Track: