Free Range Human Adventures

Why did I create Free Range Human Adventures and integrate it into the fabric of my life? 

It was not for the challenge, getting to the end or the top. Nor to meet a goal of time, speed or power although at times they are outcomes.

And, even though I appreciate the benefits of health, wellness, focus, confidence, rejuvenation and creating physical capacity, it’s not about that either.

It’s about the simplicity of breathing and being.
The stark wonder, the compelling beauty and knowing that this amazing earth is where I live, my home.
I am a part of all of this and it’s a part of me; and I am here to stay.

Heather’s upcoming Free Range Human Adventures will travel far and wide to
The Continental Divide Trail, Chile, Canada’s Great Divide Trail,
Uinta Mountains in Utah, Pacific Crest Trail and the Great Himalayan Trail in Nepal

H’s Free Range Human Adventure Galleries

White Mountains

Death Valley Area
Colorado Trail – 2018