Free Range Human in the mountains

Experience Wilderness
Connect with Nature
Create Life-Changing Transformation

Free Range Human Adventures brings wellness to wilderness excursions immersing in sensory nature experiences while guiding you skillfully and supporting you in becoming confident, safely independent, and resilient.

Enthusiastically enjoy awe-inspiring nature without excessive aches or overwhelming fatigue. Instead, thrive!

Move fluidly and feel good in body and mind. All while having a receptive presence and deep connection with the natural world. Practice being outside with awareness (mindfulness) and using the tools of practical meditation and breathwork.

Why did I create Free Range Human Adventures, integrating it into the fabric of my life? I have spent months in the wilderness experiencing growth through the incredible value of nature.

I did not do this for the challenge, getting to the end or the top. Nor to meet a goal of time, speed, or power. Although, at times, they are outcomes. (and happen much more easily when wellness is integrated)

It’s about the simplicity of being.

The stark wonder, the compelling beauty, and knowing that this amazing earth is where I live, my home. I am a part of all of this and it’s a part of me, and I am here to stay. I want to share that with you.

Free Range Human Heather Holding A Tent

Join me in some Free Range Human Adventures!
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Create Thriving Body Capacity and Lifetime Wellness
Transform your life with Confidence and Courage
Love the Land and Adventure!
Why Free Range Human Adventures?

It took me a while to uncover my magic in the area of wilderness work. I guided my first group of backpackers almost 20 years ago. Then, spent many years focused on personal excursions; some long and some short.

Over and Over again, I met people who loved nature, loved hiking, and being in the wilderness; but were held back by their own fears.

I almost cannot count how many times, I encountered the phrase “ I could never do that” or “ I don’t know where to begin”.  After a while, I noticed that most of the people sayings this were women. Strong, capable, energetic, compassionate, wilderness-loving women…


Get the Free Range Human Adventures: Ultimate Gear List and Tips

I share my favorite lightweight and ultralight gear list that I use for my solo wilderness excursions with options for different seasons and weather. Included are suggestions on how to adapt this for yourself.

This guide is ideal for Trekking, Thru-hiking, Wilderness excursions, and Backpacking

Free Range Human Adventures
Join me!

Walking into Wild: Wilderness Excursions

Experience breathtaking wilderness backpacking and trekking with a transformative focus. Create a life-changing experience while immersing in mountains, wilderness, open sky, and wondrous views.

I support you in becoming bravely confident while safely and skillfully navigating wilderness excursions. I will take you from wherever you are to become confident in being outdoors solo or with others. We plan and learn ahead of time, then practice while in the wilderness. We actively implement our backpacking, and trekking skills. I create a comprehensive program that begins before we even set foot in the wilderness and then follows you home changing your life in extraordinary ways.

I guide you not only in the wilderness but in how to go beyond. Go beyond just ‘getting there’. Transform yourself into achieving your most desired outcome and doing it with heart. Doing it with a deep connection to nature and immersion in your senses. Bringing in my years of work in mindful awareness, practical meditation, and breathwork, I share with you how to integrate that into your excursions.

Then, I teach you how to simply be there.  

I integrate crafted sensory experiences adapted from Forest Bathing. I guide you in using breathwork, meditative walking, yoga, and natural movement during our excursion and while you trek along. Also, I support you in recognizing the transformative impact that walking in nature has upon our mindset and life.

So, the time spent each day walking in mountainous wilderness carrying your gear redefines for your body what is normal. You create a thriving physical capacity. I teach you how to lean into the challenge and know that you can do it. Why Work with me? Also, read why HERE. Then, let’s create an unforgettable experience!

  • Develop effortless natural mobility and feel tremendous
  • Build confidence and courage
  • Master practical skills and gain experience using the skills
  • Increase resiliency, wellness, and health by immersing in nature.
  • Learn how to use tech so it doesn’t get in the way or take over, but benefits you.
  • Improve sleep quality, increase energy levels & recovery
  • Learn and upgrade wilderness, trekking, and backpacking skills
  • Practice using Embodied Awareness and practical nature-based meditation and breathwork techniques
  • Integrate Forest Bathing & Nature Therapy into your excursions in a way that enhances your experience
  • Continue your wellness at home with Free Range Human Adventures after-support!
Read an in-depth article about Walking into Wild HERE


  • Your excursion begins before we leave with wellness and physical preparation, trip-planning, and basic backpacking logistics and skills.
  • Your deposit secures the spot. Monthly payment plans offered.
  • Excursions limited to 6 to 8 people for an optimal ratio of guests to guides & leaders.
  • Scholarships are available. Contact Heather to apply.
  • A percentage of your fee is donated to groups and organizations that care for the wilderness.
Read the Article about Free Range Human Adventures Wilderness Excursions HERE
Upcoming Excursions:

I have remastered our offerings in order to offer options that are conscious of our community needs while allowing individual space/freedom and personalized attention. This has lead to all Free Range Human Adventures excursions to be full most of the time!

Still with Wild with Nature Meditation: Experience the Forest Within

Imagine beginning your day with a refreshing Meditative Nature walk followed by uplifting morning yoga and natural movement. Afterward, you are ready for a delicious breakfast that nourishes you for our Nature Meditation session. In the afternoon, a wellness hike is offered followed by an opportunity for exploration or rest. After our enjoyable dinner, participate in a rejuvenating Forest Bathing sensory experience followed by a guided Deep Relaxation session… just in time to support you in incredibly restful sleep. 

These retreats will fill up quickly, you can get on the RSVP list here and contacted directly when registration opens. If possible, camping options are offered for each retreat. You will have personal options to extend your stay and can contact Heather for suggestions.

Know that all activities and sessions at Still with Wild with Nature Meditation are optional, yet our time together is designed around the schedule created by Heather. Each event will vary and be designed to meet everyone’s need valuing input from all signed up!

  1. Three Day Retreat in Colorado. FULL
  2. Half-Day and One Day events, New Mexico. Full

​​Waking up to Wild:  Forest Bathing Hiking Explorations

Even though we have an innate connection to nature and wilderness,  sometimes we end up feeling disconnected – even if it’s a few steps or a quick bike ride or short drive away.

Amazingly, you can reset and reboot yourself with a simple hike that integrates sensory awareness and also offers physical exertion. Build physical capacity with embodied awareness. Feel unbelievably refreshed and rejuvenated!

Waking up to Wild hikes are different from Forest Bathing sessions. We hike for 2 to 4 hours in wilderness terrain whereas a Forest Bathing sessions is not focused on hiking at all. I guide you and integrate Forest Bathing methods into Waking up to Wild hikes. Deepen your sensory awareness of the surrounding environment while moving in nature.

Often, we even add in outdoor yoga and explore the trees, streams with natural movement! Learn some supportive movements, yoga stretches, and breathing techniques that you can use when you hike on your own to make the experience even more enjoyable with less discomfort or injury. Get effortlessly mobile!

Depending on our excursion, we may pause and enjoy some tasty nutrient-dense snacks with tea or refreshing cold drinks. As needed in preparation for our hike, heather may go over simple hiking methods and helpful gear so you can confidently enjoy the outdoors solo.

These wellness hikes will be offered at different times of the year so we can experience the wonders of each season at unique natural areas and wilderness locations throughout New Mexico. A percentage of your fee is donated to groups and organizations that care for the wilderness.

Waking up to Wild hiking is always included in retreats, Get Wild with Nature Meditation, and Wilderness Excursions that Heather offers (after all, she is a trained people-walker…). It is also part of the Simply Walking Program!

These sessions and events also pop-up depending on weather and where Heather is located! Waking up to Wild methods are integrated into all retreats and multi-day excursions.

Interested in Heather’s Forest Bathing Sessions?