Free Range Human Adventures

Experience Life-Changing Transformation
Immerse in Nature & Wilderness Wellness
Celebrate Body, Breath & Movement Outdoors
Disconnect with Devices and Reconnect with Yourself

Free Range Human Adventures Integrates the wellness into wilderness and outdoor activities through immersion into sensory nature experiences while guiding you skillfully and supporting you in becoming confident, brave, and safely independent.

We support you in practicing the art of being outdoors with a contemplative presence, receptiveness and deep connection with the natural world.

With a focus on wellness while adventuring, you get outdoors without excessive pains, aches, or overwhelming fatigue. Instead you build a more resilient body, mind, and a sustainable connection with the earth.

Immerse and fully enjoy the outdoors while eating healthy, feeling good, moving fluidly, and loving the land! Practice meditation and breathwork in awe-inspiring nature. Thrive with natural movement and yoga, trekking, and forest bathing.

Heather Holding A Tent

Join me in some Free Range Human Adventures!

Create Thriving Body Capacity and Lifetime Wellness.
Eat Healthy Amazing Foods Outside.
Love the Land and Adventure!

Join our upcoming Nature, Wellness, and Yoga Retreat
Southern Utah

in partnership with High Desert Yoga

Each day we eat healthy food, practice breathwork, natural movement, deep relaxation, and yoga. Enjoy outdoor excursions, Nature Meditation, Wellness Hiking, Forest Bathing sessions and even sightseeing!  Then, return to our relaxing base location. We make each day even better with deeply restorative sleep and relaxation. These are amazing and unique retreat experiences you won’t want to miss!

Walking into Wild: Wellness Wilderness Backpacking Trips

2021 Trip: Location to be Announced

Experiencing wilderness backpacking with a wellness focus creates a life-changing experience while immersing in mountains, outdoor air, greenery, rivers and streams, open sky, and wondrous views.

We integrate Forest Bathing, Breathwork & Meditation in Nature, Yoga, natural movement, play, and more to help you feel good as we trek along together.

You carry all of your own equipment, snacks and daily food which supports fitness and optimal weight loss.  The 3-6 hours each day hiking in mountainous and/or hilly wilderness works to balance metabolic rates so you not only do you burn the calories you take in, you can also burn off the stored ones as well while redefining for your body what is normal.

  • Become stronger, more naturally mobile and feel better.
  • Gain confidence by doing something incredible and challenging.
  • Increase resiliency by immersing in nature.
  • Leave screens behind and free yourself!
  • Improve sleep quality, increase energy levels & weight loss.
  • Continue your wellness at home with Free Range Human Adventures after-support!


  • Pre-trip, we focus on wholistic planning, wellness preparation, and basic backpacking logistics and skills. As needed, gear selection is supported.
  • Each trip will be categorized as either beginning or intermediate backpacking adventures.
  • Deposit secures space. Monthly payment plans offered.
  • Trips will be limited to 8 to 10 backpackers for an optimal ratio of guests to trip leaders.

Three Scholarship Spots will be available for the 2021 Trip,
Contact Heather to Apply!

Get Wild with Nature Meditation

A typical day spent with Get Wild with Nature Meditation begins with a refreshing Meditative Nature walk to our morning yoga and natural movement session.  We follow this with a delicious breakfast meal that nourishes us for our Nature Meditation. In the afternoon, a wellness hike is offered followed by an opportunity for exploration or rest. We will enjoy a dinner meal together. After dinner, participate in a rejuvenating Forest Bathing sensory experience followed by a guided Deep Relaxation session… just in time to support you in incredibly restful sleep. 

Upcoming for 2021:

  1. Three Day Retreat in Colorado (Definite!!)
  2. One Day event, Northern New Mexico (Tentative)

These retreats will fill up quickly, you can get on the RSVP list here and contacted directly when registration opens.   The cost for each three-day retreat will vary depending on accommodations chosen. Heather will work at offering camping options for each retreat. You will have personal options to extend your stay and can contact Heather for suggestions.

Know that all activities and sessions at Get Wild with Nature Meditation are optional; yet our time together is designed around the schedule created by Heather. Each event will vary and be designed to meet everyone’s need valuing input from all signed up!

​​Waking up to the Wild:  Forest Bathing Hiking Explorations

We have an innate connection to nature and wilderness.  But sometimes end up feeling disconnected from nature-even if it’s a few steps or a quick bike ride or short drive away.

Amazingly, you can reset and reboot yourself with a simple hike that integrates mindful walking; but yet gives the experience of physical effort, exertion, and rejuvenation. You build physical capacity with embodied awareness.

These wellness hikes are different from Forest Bathing sessions as we may hike for 2 to 4 hours in wilderness terrain. We integrate Forest Bathing methods while hiking, encourage exploration where we always regroup and practice mindful walking. Deepen your sensory awareness of the surrounding environment while moving in nature.

We will even add in outdoor yoga and explore the trees, streams with natural movement! Learn some supportive movements, yoga stretches, and breathing techniques that you can use when you hike on your own to make the experience even more enjoyable with less discomfort or injury. Get mobile!

Try out some healthy and tasty nutrient-dense snacks with tea or refreshing cold drinks while taking a break. Also, as needed we will cover simple backpacking and hiking methods, gear and supportive practices so you can confidently enjoy the outdoors solo.

These wellness hikes will be offered at different times of the year as full one-day events so we can experience the wonders of each season. Look for these to pop up sometime during Spring, 2021 for wilderness locations in New Mexico.

Wellness hiking is always included in retreats, Get Wild with Nature Meditation, and backpacking trips that Heather offers (after all, she is a trained people-walker…). Also…part of H’s Simply Walking Program!

Always know that you can just go out and walk
OR contact Heather for some resources for your area!

Interested in some Free Range Human forest bathing sessions?