Forest Bathing

Nature & Forest Guided Sessions

What happens when you step into a forest and spend time in nature? Incredible things…
  • You get a massive boost to your immune system
  • Inflammation is reduced
  • Mood and concentration is improved
  • Blood pressure is lowered

This practice is an opportunity to remind yourself of your connection and to feel the natural world through all of your senses.  Enjoy the restorative qualities of nature while you slow down, create resilience and relax.

The session allows for time for solitude in nature and moments to talk with the group about your experience in the “way of council”: a practice in authenticity, compassion, and deep listening.  Your Certified Nature and Forest Therapy Guide will offer a series of “invitations” to help experience the Nature around you.

The guided session take place locally and typically last 2 hours. Forest Bathing sessions are not hikes.  A hot, locally foraged tea and snacks will be served in the forest to complete the experience.

Links to information and research about the benefits of Forest Bathing:

Group Session and Walks

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Enjoy the Restorative Qualities of Nature

with Heather Lee Farrell

Certified Forest and Nature Therapy Guide, wilderness leader and lover of the land

Join Heather on a rejuvenating local forested green space! Immerse in your senses, connect with nature, and experience a Forest Bathing session that ends with a local tea and some tasty snacks.

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Space is limited to support the natural area. 
*A percentage of proceeds will go to Friends of the Sandias-to support volunteer trail maintenance

Customized Sessions

Private Sessions and Walks

Private sessions are good for people seeking personal and direct guidance in deepening their connection with nature for learning, healing, general restoration and relaxation.  Private walks will take place at a local green space and will last 1 to 2 hours. You can suggest a location to your guide one month in advance of the walk session otherwise the guide will choose a unique location suited to you.  Walks for 2 people are good for friends, siblings, family and partners.

1 Person – $150.00
2 people $195

Businesses and Organizations:

Incorporate Forest Bathing into your event and business or organization.

Team retreats and company wellness days are a way to facilitate wellness in the corporate world. There are so many benefits of team retreats that even smaller companies are thinking about how they get out of the office for a weekend or just for a day.  Spending connected time in nature can work wonders for your employees whether it is for new employees or a team that has been together for years!  Learn how to incorporate nature wellness into your everyday working environment.

*Walks take place at a chosen
forest or retreat center


Between exams, papers and maintaining an active social life, many students feel they can’t really find the time to keep up on their personal health and wellness.  Support your students by bringing them outside and into the forest, they will have the opportunity to unplug, slow down and connect to nature.

*Walks take place at a chosen
forest or retreat center

Forest Bathing Retreats:

Unwind, Unplug and Connect with Nature

Reflect, rebalance, and reconnect. Immerse and enjoy Nature’s beauty.  During our retreat, your wellness and forest guide will lead you through excursions, movements, breath work and sessions that will enhance, or perhaps reset your relationship with wellness, nature, and self.  You will have the opportunity to slow down and commune with nature through the art and practice of Forest Bathing.  Whether you are an adventurer or a quieter soul, this retreat will support you to maintain a healthy state of being.

Dates and location to be announced.

Coming in 2021: 

Nature Spot workshop and class series.
Get Wild with Nature Meditation workshops and retreats.

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