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Walking into Wild: Gila Wilderness Trekking Excursion

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Walking into Wild:
Gila Wilderness Trekking Excursion

Experiencing wilderness with a wellness focus creates a life-changing experience and propels you to the next level of wellness and beyond using mountains, outdoor air, greenery, rivers and streams, open sky, and wondrous views to support you.

Experience breathtaking wilderness backpacking and trekking with a transformative focus. Create a life-changing experience while immersing in mountains, wilderness, open sky, and wondrous views.

I support you in becoming bravely confident while safely and skillfully navigating wilderness excursions. I will take you from wherever you are to become confident in being outdoors solo or with others. We plan and learn ahead of time, then practice while in the wilderness. We actively implement our backpacking, and trekking skills. I create a comprehensive program that begins before we even set foot in the wilderness and then follows you home changing your life in extraordinary ways.

I guide you not only in the wilderness but in how to go beyond. Go beyond just ‘getting there’. Transform yourself into achieving your most desired outcome and doing it with heart. Doing it with a deep connection to nature and immersion in your senses.

Then, I teach you how to simply be there.  

I integrate crafted sensory experiences adapted from Forest Bathing. I guide you in using breathwork, meditative walking, yoga, and natural movement during our excursion and while you trek along. I support you in recognizing the transformative impact that walking in nature has upon our mindset and life.

The time spent each day walking in mountainous wilderness carrying your gear redefines for your body what is normal. You create a thriving physical capacity. I teach you how to lean into the challenge and know that you can do it.

Why Work with me? Read why HERE. Then, let’s create an unforgettable experience!

Walking into Wild: Wilderness Excursion Benefits and Features:
  • Become confident in yourself and your capacity in the wilderness.
  • Develop practical skills and gain experience using the skills.
  • Decide between gear options and outdoor methods. I will share my personal methods, tips, and choices. I also share other methods and options. Then, you determine what works for you.
  • Practice objectively scanning your body while physically active. Notice and be aware of sensations.  Clearly understand when to pay attention and when to simply notice. Mostly, our thoughts about discomfort or fear that hold us back. Any type of wilderness excursion has some level of physical effort and that is okay. I help you know that you can do challenging things while feeling okay and enjoying it.
  • Learn how to plan before and during excursions. Then, learn how to evaluate and refine afterward. Get access to my templates for planning and refining.
  • We practice sensory experiences crafted from Forest Bathing remastered for the wilderness. This helps you be more aware while in wilderness, noticing more and immersing in nature.
  • I teach you how to integrate tech it into your trips without it taking over, but yet benefit. I share tech that I recommend for high-end outdoor use and why.
  • Is your focus on developing physical capacity or losing weight/shifting body constitution? Learn how to do this. Backpacking and trekking are an incredibly effective methods for this! After our trip, I help you follow through and continue this shift.
  • I show you how to add in recovery and simple self-care before, during, and after your trips.
  • We integrate simple wellness practices into our trips that help us feel great.
  • During our group excursions, we practice trekking solo, setting up camp, and our shelter. You will do this on your own in a way that feels safe yet challenges you. You will still be connected to the group as a whole and I will be there the entire time. We do this in the middle of our trip so that you have time to become more confident, ask questions, and then integrate what you have learned.
  • I share my personal on trail practices including How I start my day, how I integrate breathwork and gratitude practices as I walk along, How I am able to walk all day and feel good, and more!

Practical skills: 
Water purification tech and methods. Sleeping systems. Shelter Systems.  Clothing systems, Food preparation, and Wilderness Nutrition: stoveless and with a stove. (I make all my own foods and concoctions!)  Ultralight and lightweight gear options. How to put together your own first aid kit, foot care kit, gear repair kit. Which backpack works for you? Navigation and map skills. Helpful knots to know.  Extras and your luxury items. How to streamline I go through your backpack and offer suggestions and alternatives—(this is worth the cost of the trip!!!)


  • Your excursion begins before we leave with wellness and physical preparation, trip-planning, and basic backpacking logistics and skills.
  • Your deposit secures the spot. Monthly payment plans offered.
  • Excursions limited to 6 to 8 people for an optimal ratio of guests to guides & leaders.
  • Scholarships are available. Contact Heather to apply.
  • A percentage of your fee is donated to groups and organizations that care for the wilderness.

Get in touch: talk to us directly (DM) at @drheatherleefarrell on Instagram, this FaceBook profile, or text directly to (833) 796-0690. In addition, submit a note via our contact page, here!

October 8, 2023 @ 12:00 pm October 31, 2024 @ 12:00 pm

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