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Private Sessions of Deep Relaxation Yoga Nidra

The practice of Undoing and Renewing

Private Sessions of Deep Relaxation Yoga Nidra

Deep Relaxation Yoga Nidra is for everyone. No meditation or yoga experience is necessary. 

However, along the way and through many years of teaching I have come to know that tailoring to people’s individual needs in deep relaxation creates a truly transformative practice. That is why I offer limited space for private yoga Nidra practice taught remotely or in person.

Experiencing a private Yoga Nidra session can offer you a potent tool for resilience and adaptation to your everyday life demands. Plus, over time you develop the capacity to help yourself rejuvenate, and experience deep rest and renewal.

Deep Relaxation Yoga Nidra practice helps to reduce the stress and tensions we carry with us in our everyday lives.  This modern-adapted practice of Yoga Nidra provides techniques to help you inquire into your current, unique experience of seeing, hearing, feeling, sensing, tasting, smelling, and thinking.

Deep Relaxation Yoga Nidra is an effective technique for cultivating a deeply calm nervous system that makes it possible to fully relax.  Bring your mind into a healing, restful state suspended between being awake and asleep.

Enjoy feeling revitalized, a calm nervous system, stress relief, and increased health and wellness. As needed, we begin class with breathwork and gentle movement then make our way into a restful Yoga Nidra practice where all you need to do is experience the transformation of deep deep relaxation.

If the cost is not affordable, please contact Heather

You can talk to us directly (DM) at @drheatherleefarrell on Instagram, this FaceBook profile, or text directly to (833) 796-0690.

October 11, 2023 @ 6:30 pm October 11, 2024 @ 7:45 pm

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