Art & Poems

Since I have been young, I have loved creating, writing and making things. Some I shared, some I kept for myself. Some lasted a long time and others were impermanent; the wind or rain took them away. 

After, experiencing a severe traumatic injury, I began doing artwork and writing almost in devotion.  I realized that my body had set in motion the need for new stories when my accident disrupted my old stories. By writing and art, I gave myself back a voice that is sometimes lost when our bodies become ill, traumatized or injured.

In my state of unwellness, creative energy felt renewing and produced its own reaction and regeneration of heath, wellness, and further effort. It helped transform my trauma into something different, making me more resilient, healed and empowered.   It involved going deep within, imagination, attempting something new, and uncovering a part of myself that was evolving.

I invite you to participate with me on this path
and also, to enjoy the creative work that I am offering.

I Stood in Silence:
Spoken Word Poetry
I Stood in Silence: Spoken Word Poetry
I Waited
Lives Fully
in Falling
Nothing Becomes
Making Friends
with Change

Wind On My Way
I Will Become
I Will Remain
Snow Today
This Tree
Making Friends with Change
Gift of Darkness
I Am Not Alone
I Stood In Silence