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“I believe that the smallest changes have a profound effect and simple ordinary things can be the most powerful.”

Do you want simple yet comprehensive wellness?
I’m here to offer you exceptional guidance in exactly that!

I believe that the smallest changes have profound effects, and simple ordinary things can be the most powerful. Everything we do impacts us. So, of course, I diligently crafted that concept into my professional work over the years!

After more than 20 years of practice, one of the foremost principles that drives my work involves blending methods from a wide range of healthcare and wellness systems with a conscious-based approach. This integrative broad-spectrum approach gives the most optimal outcome because one thing does not lead to the next, it leads to everything.

I like to think of myself as a health and wellness strategist as I use methods and interventions that address the deepest level of bodily function. That way, we impact ourselves holistically while working on specific needs and issues.

I repurposed the ancient saying, “How you do anything is how you do everything,” as a basis for my healthcare, wellness, and wilderness philosophy.

I purposefully hold a broad perspective in healthcare, diligently employing evidence-based health answers that you can trust. I’m a healthcare practitioner who integrates Functional Medicine, Oriental Medicine, Nutrition, Ayurveda, and Lifestyle Medicines. I bring in the effective combination of laboratory testing and modern Functional Medicine coupled with several thousand-year-old holistic health modalities! Then, I sprinkle in additional wellness skills to create more substantial support and impact.

I have a deep love of nourishing foods and concoctions. I’m a bit of a modern-day wellness alchemist! Thus, I couldn’t help but invest in multiple nutrition, herbal, and food-based programs to provide a comprehensive and integrative focus.

Along the way, to create and support effective, long-lasting shifts, I studied Health, Wellness, and Mindset (life) coaching.

I supplemented these skills by learning the most current behavioral change and useful habit-creating methods. By doing this, I help you work with yourself instead of just working on yourself; there is a huge difference!

So, I get excited when I say:  Not only can I help you with healthcare and wellness; BUT we partner in coaching creating sustainable change! Instead of just being told information, I bet what you really need is supportive simple ways that create wellness long-term.

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Dr. Heather Lee Farrell looking at mountains
Looking for solutions and shifts? Let me help you!

I discovered that we build deeply embodied resilience via movement, meditation, breathwork, and relaxation practices. I explored how to improve, calm, and rewire our nervous system through awareness coupled with cutting-edge sensory, breath, and subtle movement practices that are all designed to shift and spark you from tiredness, over-stress, and overwhelm into real healing, relaxation, and rest process. For over two decades, I have interwoven teaching embodied practices and continuous learning so that I can offer highly personalized programs. 

Through this, I realized many health issues are solved or improved by approaching them through the lens of movement, stillness and breath. Movement, breath and Stillness are genuinely their own form of medicine. When you add this to simply whole-life-focused living, you can be unstoppable!

I believe in creating a low-toxin healthy living environment and home space. As well as expanding that to how we interact with the earth. Making simple changes in our living spaces can often be part of the solution to wellness issues.

I love the wilderness. Nature. Being outside anywhere.
I’m inspired by and appreciate nature’s amazing benefits.

I became certified in Forest & Nature Therapy: Forest Bathing. I guide wilderness excursions in a challenging yet accessible way rooted in wellness. Also, offering Get Wild with Nature Meditation experiences. I am an adventurer, and I go all in. When you go all in, you do it completely. I work with you that way, too, supporting you in crafting your envisioned life.

Even though, I have added skill after skill and education after education while working in health and wellness…

I work in the business of transformation,
not information.

Over time, I melded these paths and methods together in a uniquely comprehensive way. Why do that?

Why go through all those years of education, learning, and figuring that out? Because all aspects of life and ways of being impact wellness. Everything matters when we create a life we truly love. It may seem like a lot, but to me, it just seems like life.

How we live is our practice.
That is why we have the full lives we do.
Yet, fitting the pieces together can be complicated, overwhelming, and exhausting.
It is a day-to-day process that thrives with simplicity, clarity, and skillful self-guidance.
Everything we do in our lives matters and impacts our wellness.

Dr. Heather Lee Farrell

It’s like finding an auto mechanic. You want a mechanic that knows the whole car and how it works together. Not just how the radiator works. We humans have an interconnected system—each part of us impacts the rest. You are not a bunch of different systems; you are a whole person. We impact the environment we live in, and it Impacts us too.  

With a big-picture approach,
we find the root and look at patterns,
not just symptoms

Not only did I invest in evidence-based practices; but I tested and tried them out for myself. I used all of these tools and methods over the years to transform my wellness, health, and life. I have had plenty of opportunities to do that from injuries to illnesses to changing my life via my mindset.

 I love and have immersed myself in healthcare, wellness, nature, and self-coaching throughout my life, reaping the outcomes from doing that work. I have lived it, applied it, studied it, and stayed up to date. I’ve taken on the risk for you.

In recent years, I experienced a severe injury and an adjunct medical issue that required more than eight years of surgeries, procedures, therapeutic work, and self-care.

During this time, I walked a path of unwellness and discomfort. I was challenged, met many obstacles, and struggled immensely. I gave up a few times; but ultimately moved through creating wellness, resilience, and mindset shifts for myself. Those years propelled me on a journey of expanding even more yet streamlining and simplifying my methods.

During that time of healing and recovery, surgical procedures, adjunct medical needs, and therapeutic work, I realized firsthand: I can live with resilient engagement when feeling sick or uncomfortable.

You don’t need to be disease-free to cultivate wellness. We redefine and simplify continuously, creating outcomes you want despite symptoms or circumstances.

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While going through my recent accident and medical recovery, I explored creative work through writing and art to support healing. In Writing and Artwork, I experienced over and over how much it helped me. Sometimes, we lose our voice when injured, unwell, or traumatized; doing creative work can give it back to us. This is expressed differently for everyone, but we can all benefit from the wellness and health that arise from creativity.

I realized that I am a writer, poet, and artist.
And that all art is relevant and matters.

I came out on the other side functionally healed. I have become even more rooted in knowing everything I do for myself in my life matters; especially my mindset and building resilient wellness.

 It is powerful to be able to help yourself over and over.
You can too.

I know that change is hard. Transformation is difficult and takes time, and that is okay. I know the challenges, but also how amazing producing the results and rediscovering feeling good is. I help you create opportunities turning obstacles into life-changing shifts! It can be simple and life-changing at the same time.

I am immersed in this work and
able to support you along your path. 

Know that I don’t just tell you what to do. (we all know that just does not work!) I partner with you and support you going all in so that you create meaningful and long-lasting change.   Know that I am devoted to helping you achieve remarkable wellness.  

This is what I do, personally and professionally. Let me help you do it too.

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