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“I believe that the smallest changes can have a profound effect and simple ordinary things can be the most powerful.”

I’m here to offer you exceptional support and
guidance to create resilient thriving wellness.

I believe that the smallest changes have profound effects and simple ordinary things can be the most powerful. Everything we do has value and matters.

I’m an integrative healthcare practitioner focused in the areas of Functional Medicine, Oriental Medicine, Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine. I believe in a wide perspective in healthcare: The effective combination of laboratory testing and modern Functional Medicine coupled with a several thousand-year-old holistic health modality!    Ancient wisdom with modern relevance.

I diligently invested in Nutrition Education and Training not only from a Functional Nutrition training; but also, a comprehensive integrative focus. I believe in food as medicine: culinary medicine-healthy and tasty!  I then blended in skills from other wellness modalities to create stronger support and impact.

In order to create and support effective long-lasting shifts, I studied health and life coaching. Plus, I am skilled in the most current behavioral change and effective habit creating methods. So, I get excited when I say:  Not only can I help you with healthcare and wellness; BUT we can partner in coaching to create sustainable change! 

I love building deeply embodied resilience with meditation, breathwork, and relaxation practices and help you do that in a highly effective and personalized way. Both movement and stillness matter so I offer you a variety of ways to move and create optimal physical capacity… although I have a few favorites!

Our environment is vital to our wellness

I am a low toxin living advocate who helps you make sense of creating a healthy living environment. 

I love wilderness and want to share nature’s amazing benefits with others so, I became certified in Forest & Nature Therapy: Forest Bathing. In addition, I offer Get Wild with Nature Meditation experiences. I also guide you on wilderness trekking trips in a challenging yet accessible way.  I am an adventurer and I go all in… I work with you that way too, so you apply that to your dreams and life!

Dr. Heather Lee Farrell looking at mountains
Over time, I melded all these paths and methods together in a unique comprehensive way to over-deliver in value.

I did this because all aspects of our life and way of being impact wellness and create a life we love. It may seem like a lot; but to me it just seems like life. Read a list of my areas of knowledge here

I relate this to going to an auto mechanic. You want a mechanic that knows the whole car – not just the radiator. We humans have an interconnected system—each part of us impacts the rest. We impact the environment we live in and it Impacts us too.  

By choosing a big picture approach, we find the root instead of just symptoms and benefit from long-lasting changes.   

I have benefited incredibly by applying this to my own life. I immersed in healthcare, wellness, wilderness, and self-coaching throughout my life and reaped the outcomes from doing that work. Let me share that with you.

In recent years, I experienced a severe injury that required almost four years of surgeries, procedures, therapeutic work, and self-care. During that time period, I walked a path of unwellness and discomfort. I was challenged, met many obstacles, and struggled immensely to get to the point where I could rebuild my life and health. I gave up a few times; but ultimately moved through creating sustainable optimal wellness, resilience, and mindset shifts for myself that I continue to work on.

I explored creative work through writing and art to support healing from my accident.   In doing Writing and Artwork, I experienced over and over how much it supported creating outcomes I wanted in my life. Sometimes, we seem to lose our way when injured, unwell, or traumatized; doing creative work can give it back to us.

I came out on the other side functionally healed.  I chose to view my injury simply as something that happened and impacted all areas of my life.  Throughout my life, during this experience and others since I have been young, I have become even more rooted in knowing everything I do for myself in my life mattered; especially my mindset and building resiliency.

 It is powerful to be able to help yourself over and over. You can too.

I know that change is hard. Transformation is difficult and takes time, and that is okay. I know the challenges, but also how amazing producing the results and rediscovering feeling good is. Let me offer that to you. Know, that I am devoted to helping you fulfill this potential and achieve remarkable wellness.

Mostly, I want you to know that “I get it”.
I am immersed in this work and able to support you along your path. 

Know that I don’t just tell you what to do, I partner with you and support you going all in so that you create sustainable shifts that are meaningful and long lasting.  I help you create opportunity and turn obstacles into successful shifts in wellness and life!   This is what I do personally and professionally, let me help you.

Heather and Family

Christopher and Tommy
Dr Heather Lee Farrell and partner/spouse, Christopher
Dr Heather Lee Farrell and Family
Dr Heather Lee Farrell and son, Tommy

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