Healthcare, Wellness
& Wilderness

Heather and Leela atop the Tusher Mountains, Utah

Dr. Heather Lee Farrell

I’m here to offer you powerful support and guidance to create an exceptional life rooted in purpose, resilient health, and abundant wellness.

Living a life you love and feeling good doesn’t have to be complicated.

I give you the methods, tools, and solutions you need in a simple yet comprehensive way. I purposefully blend healthcare, nutrition, lifestyle wellness, movement, stillness, and nature-based modalities and support you with transformational coaching.

Simplicity changes everything and is the ultimate sophistication.

Together, we create extraordinary change. I help you work with yourself instead of on yourself.

“Whether it be adjustments in nutrition or healing tools, I have benefited from her broad knowledge base and experience.”

“She has seen and drawn out strength and assets I have not been aware of and then gently offered subtle changes that lead to dramatic benefits.”

“She is a true caregiver with amazing intuition and a creative approach to wellness.”

Health, Wellness, and Nature

Healthcare, Nutrition & Wellness


Create what you want.

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Forest Bathing


Rejuvenate with Nature

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Grow with Guidance

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It’s challenging to create change; let me help you do it simply with proven methods that work.