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Dr. Heather Lee Farrell

You are right where you need to be! And, I’m here with powerful support and guidance to build resilient health and abundant wellness. I’m dedicated to helping you create a purposeful exceptional life.

I love and have immersed myself in healthcare, wellness, and nature. I have lived it, applied it, studied it, and stayed up to date. I've taken on the risk for you. I know it's challenging to make changes and want to help you feel amazing with proven methods that work.

Why diligently meld together a wide path of healthcare and wellness modalities? Why be there with you the whole way? I believe all aspects of our lives matter. How we live is our practice. Together we create extraordinary change.

We work together to weave long-lasting wellness throughout your life in ways that work for you!

Heather helped me work through some difficult injuries and physical pain, she has given me tools to improve my own self-care on many levels.


Health, Wellness, and Nature.

Let me help you create what you want in health, wellness, and life.
Let’s work together to create resilient vibrant wellness!

Healthcare & Wellness


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Let me help you feel amazing and create exceptional wellness using tools and methods that work for you.

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